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Date: 1916 

Description: General line catalog color illustration of a Western Valley farm wagon, part of the Weber line of farm wagons and trucks. An "International Fifth Wheel" i...

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Three men, one on binder, and two standing, are posing with a horse-drawn McCormick grain binder in field as farmhands are bundling grain in the background...


Harvesting Grain

Date:  date unknown

Description: Agricultural workers are shown harvesting grain in the vicinity of Madill. Horse-drawn wagons full of grain can be seen near a large pile of grain. Harvest...

Date: 1977 

Description: A man uses an International Harvester axial-flow combine to work in a field.


Description: A family in front of a La Crosse Happy Farmer tractor hitched to a threshing machine.

Date: 1910 ca.

Description: Field of corn with steep bluffs in the background.

Date: 1918 ca.

Description: Three-quarter view from front left of a man sitting behind the wheel of an International truck parked in front of farm buildings. The truck is loaded with...


Man in Apiary


Description: A well-dressed man stands in the middle of several beehives holding a flat box of honey comb covered with bees.

Date: 1946 ca.

Description: Ranch house and an International pickup truck in the Harvester Farm exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

Date: 1879 

Description: Advertisement for the Champion Self-Raking Reaper and Mower. This page was taken from an 1879 catalog for Warder, Bushnell & Glessner Co. of Springfield, O...

Date: 1902-02-10 

Description: View across field towards the Wendorf farm during winter time.

Date: 1932 

Description: A man kneels to inspect and adjust a McCormick-Deering planter. The planter appears to be part of an indoor museum display.

Date: 1912 ca.

Description: An International 20 H.P. Type B Tractor owned by J.S. Curtis, but operated by G.W. Crosby. According to the original caption, Crosby operated the outfit wi...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Andrew C. Brovald moving a hive with a wooden wheelbarrow. A row of beehives are on the left, and more beehives are sitting in the grass in the background....


Fragment of a Farm

Date:  date unknown

Description: Elevated long-distance view of a farm, including the farmhouse, a fenced-in field, and outbuildings. Ares of snow are on the ground. Other houses are in th...

Date: 1907-01 

Description: A Kemp's Manure Spreader is sits on a snow-covered loading dock of a brick building, possibly the McCormick Works factory. The side of the manure spreader...

Date: 1928-12-29 

Description: Front view of man driving a tractor with a McCormick-Deering corn picker (possibly a No. 20) in a field. Decals and/or stencils are on the machine.

Date: 1935 

Description: Workers grind pistons at International Harvester's Tractor Works.

Date: 1944-07-27 

Description: City of Madison staff demonstrating homemade liquid mosquito sprayer designed by Dr. Bernhard "Dommie" Domogalla, city biochemist. Left to right: LeRoy Joh...


Description: Bookplate of the Charles C. Miller Memorial Apicultural Library. Portrait of Miller in center with phrase, "Do unto others as ye would that others do unto...

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