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Historical Essay

Green Lake

Origin of Green Lake, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Green Lake, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay


Origin of Fennimore, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Fennimore, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Civil War Regiment

Learn about the 11th Wisconsin Infantry, which served in the Civil War from 1861 to 1865 and lost 373 men.

Wisconsin Civil War Regiment

Read about the 6th Wisconsin Light Artillery, the Buena Vista Artillery, which served in the Civil War from 1861-1865 and lost 29 men during service.

Historical Essay

Vinnie Ream Marble Sculpture

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Spirito Del Carnevale (Spirit of the Carnival)sculpture by Vinnie Ream, 1870. (Museum Object #1965.270.2)

Historical Essay


Origin of Edwards, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Edwards, Wisconsin.

Father of the Wisconsin Dairy Industry, Wisconsin Governor

Find out about the Wisconsin governor who championed for high standards in the dairy industry and founded the State Dairyman's Association.

Historical Essay


Origin of Ettrick, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Ettrick, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Hemlock Island

Origin of Hemlock Island, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Hemlock Island, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

French in Wisconsin

Brief history of the French in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay


Origin of Franklin, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Franklin, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Attorney, Internal Revenue Department

Historical Essay

Louise Williams

First Woman Notary Public

Discover the story of Wisconsin's first woman notary public Louise Williams who provided legal counsel for southern Wisconsin after the Civil War.

Historical Essay

William Beaumont (1785-1853)

Surgeon and Physician

Discover the history of William Beaumont

Historical Essay

George Albert (1817 - 1890)

Businessman and Legislator

Discover the history of legislator George Albert

A brief description of the history of dining out as a cultural tradition in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Perryville, Battle of

Civil War Battle Summary

Read about one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War where more than 7,500 soldliers were killed.

Catholic Priest, Missionary, Architect and Scientist

Biography of Catholic priest, missionary, architect and science teacher Samuel C. Mazzuchelli.

Historical Essay

Paramount records

Brief entry on Paramount records, based out of Grafton, WI, which produced some of the nation's most important early blues recordings.

Historical Essay

More Bank Failures (1857)

Discover the effects that the Panic of 1857 had on La Crosse.
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