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Learn how archaeologists request approval from the Director of the Wisconsin Historical Society

Guide or Instruction

About the Book Award of Merit

Submission Guidelines

The Wisconsin Historical Society invites submissions for the Society's annual Book Award of Merit, awarded in June of each year.

Student Guides to NHD

Learn about creating a History Day website

Classroom Materials for NHD

Learn about how to bring National History Day into your classroom, including strategies, handouts, and lesson plans

You will go a long way toward getting good publicity for historic preservation if you build good working relationships with the press.

Learn the ways that members can support your nonprofit organization beyond just paying their annual dues.

Guide or Instruction

Birth Records Research Tips

Learn tips for using birth records for family history research.

See helpful tips for hiring professionals to advise you on the condition of your building.

National History Day in Wisconsin

What to do before holding a National History Day event at your school

Learn the steps in the SHPO review process for Federal projects.

Your public statement for historic preservation must do two things: be highly persuasive, and draw listeners into your cause.

Learn tips for using our collections of over 40,000 published family histories for geneaology research.

Guide or Instruction

What Does an NHD Judge Do?

NHD Competitions

Get detailed information on how to judge National History Day projects

The core responsibility of your nonprofit board is to work together as a group to govern your organization.

Asking for money is never easy, but these tips suggest some easy ways to ask people to support your nonprofit organization.

The key to managing an internal crisis in your nonprofit organization is to plan for it.

Your historic preservation group can find many ways to collaborate and share information with universities and colleges.

Insulate and seal walls in your historic house to improve energy efficiency.

Before you sign the paperwork to form a new historic preservation group, learn about your supporters and community.

Steps for removing non-historic replacement siding on a historic building.
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