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Man on Porch Stairs

Date:  date unknown

Description: Outdoor portrait of a man standing on stairs leading to a porch of a house. He is leaning on the railing and is wearing a suit, tie and hat.

Date: 1957-10-26 

Description: University of Wisconsin-Madison's Danny Lewis narrowly escapes a tackler to score a touchdown vs. Ohio State in a game at Camp Randall Stadium. A large cro...

Date: 1938 

Description: Male bartender at Clyde Cockersham's Bar. The bar was equipped with a McCormick-Deering ten can cooler.

Date: 1914 ca.

Description: Man in the driver's seat of an International model M truck parked along a sidewalk outside a post office. Loaded on the truck are sacks and wire fencing. A...

Date: 1930-06-07 

Description: View from street of the facade of the Capitol Theatre at 209 State Street. The marquee is advertising the movie, "Journey's End." There is a crowd on the s...


Berry's Landing

Date:  date unknown

Description: A man in a rowboat at Berry's Landing, along the rocks opposite.

Date: 1948-01-22 

Description: Pictured at the Mt. Horeb Chamber of Commerce 25th anniversary banquet are left to right: J.B. Johnson, standing, and F.H. Hanneman, sitting. The Mt. Horeb...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Drawing of a bearded man sitting on a tree stump. In front of him is a fishing pole held in place by a rock. At the end of the line is a bobber floating in...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Studio portrait of an unidentified man posing sitting on the left and a woman posing sitting on the right.

Date: 1922 ca.

Description: Two farmers operating a pesticide sprayer while another man looks on from atop a nearby International 8-16 tractor.


Place Card

Date: 1944 

Description: Printed place card created for the fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration of Clara Seipp and Henry Bartholomay Jr. which features head and shoulders phot...

Date: 1947 

Description: A blind(?) man operates a piece of machinery behind a table in a display booth at the "blind veterans show." The booth is labeled "International Harvester'...


Chautauqua Park

Date:  date unknown

Description: Two sail boats (one manned by two men) and two motor boats landing at a pier at Chautauqua Park.


Sid and His Son

Date:  date unknown

Description: Portrait of Sid sitting in a chair with his son Steve on his lap. Behind them is a sink near a window.

Date: 1945-03-03 

Description: Soldier helping a woman use a Handie Talkie at the Ray-O-Vac & RMR promotional exhibit set up at the Capitol Theatre. "This battery is the heart of the...


Jim's Super Savings

Date: 1978-02-01 

Description: "Jim's Super Savings. James Ruecker is among a list of owners that used this building as a general store for many, many years. Jim Ruecker has been in the...

Date: 1947-01-31 

Description: Army recruiter Sgt. Elmer Thompson, Janesville, receiving the Army commendation ribbon from Major Edward Millot, right, field operation officer of the Fift...

Date: 1957-06-25 before

Description: Milwaukee Braves infielder Dick Cole poses at County Stadium in 1957. The Braves traded Jim Pendleton to the Pirates for Cole on April 3, 1957. Cole, who...

Date: 1927-04-21 

Description: Two men pose outside of McCreary Hardware alongside a giant International Harvester cream separator display. The hardware store also served as an Internati...

Date: 1937 

Description: A worker operates a machine powered by an International PD-80 power unit at the Rosedale Gin.

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