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Date: 1957 

Description: International A-100 "Golden Jubilee" truck cabs lined up with open doors at International Harvester's Springfield Works factory.

Date: 1902 

Description: Inside 2-page spread with a color illustration of a man in a field on a Milwaukee harvesting machine pulled by a team of two horses. A woman stands nearby...

Date: 1934 ca.

Description: A team of cranberry harvesters work in a line across a flooded cranberry marsh.


Cranberry Harvest

Date: 1934-09 

Description: Cranberry harvesters using cranberry rakes make their way across a flooded cranberry bog. In the background crates of harvested cranberries are stacked wai...

Date: 1925-03-22 

Description: Men fill the bed of a Model 103 International truck with cinders from a chute at the Solway Process Company plant.

Date: 1951-10-16 

Description: Ninety five Madison area building trades apprentices received certificates of graduation to journeymen status at a banquet at the Hotel Loraine. Shown at t...

Date: 1947-01-08 

Description: Portrait of a young man, either Richard C. Smith or a Mr. Johnson, sitting at an office desk signing a formal document.

Date: 1913-10-24 

Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of William Watson Perry, Milwaukee company secretary.

Date: 1946-07-27 

Description: Interior view of Madison Armature Parts Company. Three men are standing in front of the counter with displays of flowers (opening day). The men are (?): Ja...

Date: 1916 

Description: Ben Blair (played by Dustin Farnum in cowboy costume) has a picnic on the ground with Florence Winthrop (Winifred Kingston, wearing a corduroy riding suit)...

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Side view of a man operating a horse-drawn McCormick twine grain binder in a field.

Date: 1959-07-13 

Description: A check in the amount of $238,500 for the purchase of the old United Community Chest headquarters at 14 West Johnson Street was presented to Chest official...

Date: 1930 

Description: Factory workers cutting pieces of sheet metal at Internaitonal Harvester's Deering Works. The factory was owned by the Deering Harvester Company before 190...

Date: 1944 

Description: Mechanics work on International trucks at Owenhouse Hardware Company, an International Harvester dealership.

Date: 1966-11-18 

Description: Two men carry signs to protest exploitation of tenants who are members of Local 404 by their landlord who is manager of College Barber Shop.


Wagon Load of Corn


Description: A man standing in a cornfield on the farm of Allen Lewis. He is standing next to a wagon load of corn cobs. The wagon has a "seedcorn" box on the side.


Belfrage in China

Date: 1957 

Description: Cedric Belfrage of the "National Guardian" visiting with China philosophers in Peking. Belfrage was the first western correspondent to visit mainland China...


Binding Oats

Date: 1915 ca.

Description: Several agricultural workers are shown binding oats using horse-drawn equipment. A team of five horses can be seen pulling agricultural equipment, and anot...

Date: 1924-06-10 

Description: P.M. Phillips, manager of the Office Farmers Exchange, sits behind a desk, with a woman typing on one side and a seated man on the other. A McCormick-Deer...

Date: 1914 ca.

Description: Three men standing in a farmhouse yard.

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