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Cows, Girl, and Cat


Description: A cow, standing in front of a girl and a cat, with farm equipment and another cow in the background.

Date: 1936 

Description: A cartoon from "Farm Implement News" stressing the importance of buying domestic binder twine.


Harvesting Hay

Date:  date unknown

Description: A man is piling hay onto a wagon pulled by oxen.

Date: 1928 

Description: Advertising poster for Deering harvesting and haying machines. Includes color illustrations of a hay rake, grain binder, hay tedder and mower. Printed by E...

Date: 1941 

Description: Factory workers installing rear wheels and tires on Farmall tractors at International Harvester's Farmall Works.

Date: 1940 

Description: Farm manager R.M. Hawse standing in a Weber Wagon loaded with bags. The wagon is hitched to a Farmall A tractor. The bags are labeled "concrete cement" but...

Date: 1945 ca.

Description: Robert Frase, a tenant on the A.L. Roads farm, sits on a Farmall A tractor equipped with Goodyear synthetic tires and an A-192 one-furrow Farmall plow.

Date:  date unknown

Description: German farmers baling hay in southern Germany's Alpine country. The men are using an International D-214 tractor with mower and wagon. Original caption rea...


Description: Two men baling hay with a Farmall tractor and McCormick hay baler.

Date: 1899 ca.

Description: A farmer in a jacket and hat operates a horse-drawn mower in a field. The horses are pulling the mower down a path that appears to have been mowed already;...

Date: 1928-04-30 

Description: Engineering photograph of an experimental 10-20 McCormick-Deering TracTracTor (crawler tractor).


Description: Three men operate a stump extractor in a field. The piece of machinery was probably a Svenson Grubber sold by J. H. Carnahan.

Date: 1956 ca.

Description: Aerial view of residential homes, farmland and streets.

Date: 1952-04-03 

Description: Farmall H tractor with a mounted HM peanut shaker on display in front of a white backdrop. The machinery may have been experimental.

Date: 1950 

Description: Two farmers working in a field with a McCormick Farmall M tractor, a 75-P field hay chopper, a trailer and an International truck.


Description: Two factory workers dressed in dark work clothes, light aprons, and dark hats sit on a crate below a numbered display of parts, most likely at Internationa...

Date: 1913-05-19 

Description: A farmer using a Deering Spring Tooth harrow with sulky in a field.

Date: 1934-04 

Description: A flooded cranberry bog. In this case the bog was flooded in the spring in order to kill insects.

Date: 1918 

Description: Front cover of the October issue of "Motor Mechanics" magazine featuring a photograph of a man smoking a pipe while using an Ebert tractor.

Date: 1937 

Description: Advertising poster for International Harvester TracTracTors (crawler tractors). Features color illustrations of T-20, T-35, TD-35, T-40 and TD-40 crawler t...

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