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Want to protect a burial site and lower your property taxes at the same time? Find out how.

Explore information about caring for the clay tile roof on your historic house.

Learn about the procedures for handling publicly-owned or abandoned burial sites.

Learn how to prevent wood rot in a historic building.

Learn about best practices to preserve and maintain your original wood floors.

Learn tips to ensure your roofing contractor uses best practices for your historic house.

Review different types of storm doors and learn how to find the right one for your historic building.

Explore different types of historic commercial signs and ways to use them.

Learn the necessary elements for historic rehabilitation project work contracts.

Guide or Instruction

Weatherizing Your Historic House

Learn methods to weatherize a historic building and practices to avoid.

Learn to identify typical concrete block foundation problems.

Learn best practices to preserve and maintain all elements of your original roof.

Learn about programs that help fund large-scale rehabilitation projects.

General Information

Sparks Grant

Janesville Foundation, Inc.

The grant strives create a better community through support of creative initiatives.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

This fund provides nonprofit organizations and public agencies grants to assist in the preservation, restoration and interpretation of historic interiors.

Learn how this landowner turned burial sites on his land into an asset.

Learn methods for restoring your historic storefront to its original appearance.

Find the right insurance for your rehabilitation project.

Learn the value of preserving your historic building's original elevator.

Information on different types of storm windows for historic windows.
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