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Learn about trends in downtown development to better understand the context of your own building.

Learn best practices for replacing original windows in your historic building.

Learn the best practices to preserve your original plaster walls and ceilings.

Learn the key factors to consider before purchasing a historic house.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

This fund provides nonprofit organizations and public agencies grants to assist in the preservation, restoration and interpretation of historic interiors.

Review methods of removing paint and managing lead paint in your historic building.

Search digital records on more than 140,000 historic buildings, structures and objects throughout Wisconsin.

Learn best practices for preserving your original pressed-metal (tin) ceiling.

Learn how to prepare metal surfaces for painting.

Stateline Community Foundation

The Stateline Community Foundation is to promote the betterment of the greater Beloit community and the enhancement of the quality of life.

Learn common causes of paint failure and preventative measures.

Identify and repair tile and terrazzo flooring.

American Architectural Foundation

This grants program helps local nonprofit design/civic groups produce public education programming for children.

Discover the tax incentives available to owners of historic commercial buildings.

See guidelines for planning your rehabilitation project, and organizing the design and construction.

Directions for replacing a broken or rotted sash cord in a historic window.

Learn the importance of historic awnings and how to choose the appropriate type for your building.

General Information

History and Culture Grants

National Park Service

The National Park Service provides funding for the preservation, acquisition, and interpretation of various historic and cultural resources.

General Information

Historic Homes Tax Credit Program

State Historic Preservation Office, Wisconsin Historical Society

This program offers a 25-percent Wisconsin income tax credit for homeowners who rehabilitate historic, non-income-producing personal residences.

Learn the necessary elements for historic rehabilitation project work contracts.
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