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How to identify water-related issues and ways to keep water away from the foundation of a historic building.

Elements to look for and pay attention to when renovating the interior of a historic building.

Identify and determine ways to protect prefabricated metals, including cast-iron, pressed-metal, steel and aluminum elements.

Learn how to preserve or replace the metal roof on your historic building.

Learn common causes of paint failure and preventative measures.

General Information

Wisconsin Humanities Council

Greater Green Bay Area Humanities Fund

This grant program seeks to strengthen communities and enrich the cultural life in the Green Bay area.

Ensure that your rehabilitation project follows historic preservation best practices.

Learn about trends in downtown development to better understand the context of your own building.

Learn tips to ensure your roofing contractor uses best practices for your historic house.

Learn the history of electrical wiring in Wisconsin to address problems with the electrical system in your historic building.

Different types of weatherstripping for exterior doors that will improve energy efficiency of a historic building.

State Historic Preservation Office, Wisconsin Historical Society

This grant provides funding for the identification, evaluation, and listing of architectural and archaeological resources

General Information

International Grants Program

The Questers

This grant funds teh restoration and preservation of artifacts, existing memorials, historic buildings, landmarks and educational purposes.

Best practices for restoring original paint finishes.

Learn how to maintain the woodwork in your historic house or building.

General Information

Hart Family Funds for Small Towns

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Assists small town preservation and revitalization initiatives for towns with populations of 5,000 or less

Explore methods of assessing the exterior condition of your historic building.

American Architectural Foundation

This grants program helps local nonprofit design/civic groups produce public education programming for children.

Review the most important features to maintain from your historic building's original interior design.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

This grant aims to save historic environments in order to foster an appreciation of our nation's cultural heritage and revitilize communities.
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