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This grant provides funding for non-profit organizations benefitting Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Ensure your building is compatible with the historic properties around it.

Find helpful advice on choosing the right paint and supplies for your historic building.

Guide or Instruction

Weatherizing Your Historic House

Learn methods to weatherize a historic building and practices to avoid.

Learn how to repair ceramic tiles in your historic house.

Learn methods of sealing and insulating many different parts of your historic house.

Learn to identify typical brick foundation problems.

American Architectural Foundation

This grants program helps local nonprofit design/civic groups produce public education programming for children.

Learn about the best roof ventilation solutions.

Discover ways to repair or maintain shellac finishes on wood surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

For owners of archaeological sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places or the State Register of Historic Places.

General Information

West Foundation Grants

Ruth St. John and John Dunham West Foundation, Inc.

This grant supports organizations through the financial promotion of humanitarian, educational, charitable, cultural and civic or public purposes.

Identify and determine ways to protect prefabricated metals, including cast-iron, pressed-metal, steel and aluminum elements.

Learn how to preserve or replace the metal roof on your historic building.

Have questions about the Homeowner Tax Credit Program? You're not alone. Learn the answers to the most common questions.

These consultants are available to help you research historic buildings and archaeological sites.

State of Wisconsin: Department of Admistration

This grant program helps to preserve and improve access to the natural and historic resources of Wisconsin's Great Lakes coasts

This grant provides funding for projects that directly benefit Marathon County and its inhabitants.

Find out about zoning regulations in your community.

Learn how to replace drop wood siding on your historic building.
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