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Read an overview of role of state statutes and see the compendium of primary state historic preservation laws (PDF).

Apply for tax credits for historic income-producing buildings in Wisconsin.

Explore the most common problems you may encounter with your stucco exterior.

Review guidelines for building an addition to your historic commercial building.

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International Grants Program

The Questers

This grant funds teh restoration and preservation of artifacts, existing memorials, historic buildings, landmarks and educational purposes.

Learn about the benefits of cataloging a human burial site, from property tax exemptions to membership on the Registry of Interested Persons.

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Tax Credits for Historic Homes

Apply for tax credits for historic residences in Wisconsin.

Search digital records on more than 140,000 historic buildings, structures and objects throughout Wisconsin.

Review the reasons to preserve the original wood features on your historic building.

Learn the value of preserving your historic building's original elevator.

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Herzfeld Foundation Grants

Herzfeld Foundation

The Herzfeld Foundation makes grants available in the areas of Arts and Culture, Education, and Civic Improvment

Learn about potential health hazards in old buildings.

How to renovate upper floor space into residential units.

Learn best practices for repairing, replacing and maintaining exterior materials for a historic building.

Discover programs that help clean contaminated historic sites.

Learn to assess and repair damage to the wood porch on your historic house.

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Bemis Company Foundation

Bemis Company, Inc.

The foundation supports area projects involved in arts & culture and education.

Directions for replacing a broken or rotted sash cord in a historic window.

Learn methods for modernizing a historic house without disturbing the historic integrity and character.

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Alliant Energy Community Grants

Alliant Energy Foundation

Alliant Energy Foundation's community grants are directed to programs and projects that benefit Wisconsin residents and communities.
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