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Learn how to make your historic building accessible to people with disabilities.

Learn about common problems you may encounter with your brick masonry.

Identify and repair tile and terrazzo flooring.

Learn how to get necessary approvals for your rehabilitation project.

Learn tips to ensure your roofing contractor uses best practices for your historic house.

Recognize traditional cornices and learn to maintain them.

Review the steps a professional will take when replacing the foundation of your historic building.

Learn how to choose exterior paint colors for your historic building.

Explore methods of assessing the exterior condition of your historic building.

The J.M. Kaplan Fund

This grant seeks to provide funding for the preservation and protection of archaeological sites and the built environment

Learn how this landowner turned burial sites on his land into an asset.

General Information

Historic Building Foundations

Learn the three things you should know about the construction of your historic building's foundation.

Learn methods of sealing and insulating many different parts of your historic house.

Learn how to clean, repair, paint and maintain metal features on your historic building.

Methods for improving the energy efficiency of historic windows.

State of Wisconsin: Department of Admistration

This grant program helps to preserve and improve access to the natural and historic resources of Wisconsin's Great Lakes coasts

Learn about the importance of the streetscape in your downtown and how to preserve it.

General Information

Historic Homes Tax Credit Program

State Historic Preservation Office, Wisconsin Historical Society

This program offers a 25-percent Wisconsin income tax credit for homeowners who rehabilitate historic, non-income-producing personal residences.

Elements to look for and pay attention to when renovating the interior of a historic building.

Learn methods for modernizing a historic house without disturbing the historic integrity and character.
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