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Your historic preservation advocacy group can make a lasting impression on Congressional members by showing up in Washington D.C.

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Economic Hardship

Chapter 9: Preservation Commission Design Review, Page 3 of 6

Your historic preservation group can find many ways to collaborate and share information with universities and colleges.

Learn about the types of federal funding programs available for preserving a historic building or place in your community.

Directions for replacing a broken or rotted sash cord in a historic window.

Social media has become so common that your historic preservation organization may appear out of touch if you do not use it in your operations.

Learn how to clean, repair, paint and maintain metal features on your historic building.

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Contributor Guidelines

How To Submit Manuscripts to Wisconsin Magazine of History

Learn the guidelines for proper submission of manuscripts to be considered for publication in Wisconsin Magazine of History.

Table of Contents

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Signage Design Guidelines

Chapter 8: Preservation Commission Design Guidelines, Page 3 of 8

Design and facilitate your historic preservation group meetings to foster a lively and productive discussion

Every time your nonprofit organization applies for a grant, a project budget will be an essential component of your application.

Read about techniques to help you develop a well-written historical marker inscription.

Learn how to start researching your family history using our physical and online family history resources.

Chapter 7: Preservation Commission Processes, Page 1 of 3

Chapter 5: Preservation Commission Operations, Page 3 of 6

Guide or Instruction

Survey Manual

Find guidance for undertaking architectural and historical surveys in Wisconsin.

Partnerships for Historic Preservation Advocacy, Part 2 of 2

Your historic preservation advocacy group can ensure your partnerships are mutually rewarding by preparing to manage the inevitable challenges.

Questions to Get You Started

Use these questions to develop a well-documented, comprehensive text for your marker inscription.

Make the most of your meeting with an elected official or political staffer by takinge the right actions before, during, and after the meeting.
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