Date: 1950 ca.

Description: A pharmacist working in the lab area of a pharmacy.


Hiram Smith Hall

Date: 1910 ca.

Description: View from across road of front and side of dairy building on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The hall is an Queen Anne-style structure built of...

Date: 1950-09-14 

Description: Four League of Women Voters of Madison members who will perform a skit, "Bridge a la League", at a membership reception gather around a card table. From le...


John Deere Employee

Date: 1953-04-06 

Description: A woman stands behind a counter while writing on tablet near a sign reading "Buy Only Genuine John Deere Parts."

Date: 1952-03-13 

Description: Models Patrica Quisling and Marcia Pilon are shown wearing spring fashions from Manchesters Department Store.

Date: 1980 

Description: Elevated view of construction and development taking place in a housing community known as Tamarack Trails Subdivision.

Date: 1947 

Description: Girl standing next to "Sifting and Winnowing" memorial plaque at the entrance to Bascom Hall (formerly Main Hall) on the University of Wisconsin-Madison ca...

Date: 1958 

Description: Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association Contest winners Evan Appleman, Carl Huber, Fred Beuer, and Werner Zimmerman, Jr. posing with their entries.

Date: 1952-12-03 

Description: A woman talks to a group of women while two men stand in the background.


Republi-Capers Show

Date: 1961-04-10 

Description: Attorney Lyall T. Beggs, second from the left, has a few funny stories to tell three assemblymen at the "Republi-Capers" Show at the Dane County Fairground...

Date: 1949-03-19 

Description: Bobby Johnston, left, and Johnny Parisi sparring during the Little Badger Boxing Classes at the University of Wisconsin fieldhouse.

Date: 1949-03-28 

Description: A man holds up an ice cream cone while standing in front of an insulated container labeled "Ready to Serve".

Date: 1950-05-15 

Description: Testimonial dinner for Charles B. Stumpf, elected president of the International Association of Accident and Health Underwriters. Seated, left to right, ar...

Date: 1914 

Description: Grace Episcopal Church's Memorial Guild Hall, 116 West Washington Avenue.

Date: 1948-01-16 

Description: University of Wisconsin boxing team member Al Blinder.


Brownie Day Camp

Date: 1949-06-28 

Description: Two girls at Brownie Day Camp at Burrows park. Standing near a boat on the shore of Lake Mendota is Shelia Sullivan, left, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J....


Law Building

Date: 1931-05-05 

Description: Law Building, 975 Bascom Mall, University of Wisconsin.

Date: 1947-06-17 

Description: Officers of the alumnae group of Phi Beta sorority are shown at the Reid home. Left to right: Mrs. Stuart Reid, president, 724 Blackhawk Avenue; Mrs. W.S....

Date: 1952-12-17 

Description: Newly installed officers of the West Side Benefit League which was organized by the West Side Business Men's Association to furnish immediate funds to the...

Date: 1949-03-25 

Description: University of Wisconsin boxer John Lendenski (left) spars with Colin Connell of the University of Minnesota in their boxing match at the fieldhouse.

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