Date: 1946-02-04 

Description: Three workers standing beside their machines in the machine shop at Winnebago Auto Replacement Company,103 North Park Street.

Date: 1949-07-27 

Description: Mrs. Chester (Nancy) Rieck of Oak Park, Illinois holds her six-month-old son, Jeffrey Allan Rieck, while seated outdoors beneath a trellis. The Reicks are...

Date: 1952-06-28 

Description: Winkie, the Vilas Zoo elephant, is led by zoo keepers to summer quarters with many children looking on during a party to celebrate Winkie's birthday and 2n...

Date: 1949-02-13 

Description: The group of University of Wisconsin ROTC Cadets clasped hands to signify the presentation and acceptance of the French gifts to the state of Wisconsin. A...


Iron Lightpost

Date: 1974-07-14 

Description: Decorative iron lightpost at the entrance to the State Office Building at 1 West Wilson Street.

Date: 1951-07-17 

Description: Portrait of Naval Reserve officers Commander Willis M. Greely (left) and Lieutenant Charles H. Haynie. Commander Greely is replacing Lieutenant Haynie as c...

Date: 1932 

Description: Building from across road on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.


Madison Police Boat

Date: 1954-04-02 

Description: Sergeant Norman Ehle and Lt. Herman Thomas crouch beneath a motor boat resting on a wood beam cradle at a boatyard. "The new 220-horsepower cruiser for the...

Date: 1952-08-11 

Description: "Assisting in the compiling of reference notebooks for prospective nurses are the four wives of doctors pictured above. From left to right, they are Mrs. O...

Date: 1950 ca.

Description: An elevated view of the Oscar Mayer plant.

Date: 1950-10-28 

Description: Wisconsin linemen Dave Suminski (#71) and Bob Kennedy (#67) lead the way for fullback Bill Schleisner (#38) who caught a pass from quarterback John Coatta...


The Rigadoon

Date: 1954-08-06 

Description: The Rigadoon, a plywood motor boat built by the Higgins Company, owned by the Edgewater Hotel.

Date: 1951-11-12 

Description: Zellie Jackson of 522 East Wilson Street, a tuberculosis patient at Lake View Sanatorium, listens to a radio while lying in bed.

Date: 1958-01-02 

Description: Members of Nakoma Golf Club attend the New Year's Eve "Sno-Ball" dinner dance. They include (left to right) Ruth and William Garrott and A. F. and Emily Ah...

Date: 1932-10-17 

Description: Captain Leo Kinney, Captain of Detectives, pinning a detective's badge on Joe Fedele, member of Post's Junior Detective Club, an organization sponsored by...

Date: 1915 

Description: Exterior view of the Hausmann Brewing Company on the corner of State and Gorham Streets. It was razed in 1923-4.

Date: 1952-08-12 

Description: The seven members of the art and favors committee for the national Zeta Phi Eta convention to be held in Madison at the University. Zeta Phi Eta is the na...


Neon Sign Display

Date: 1938-09-25 

Description: Neon sign display by Capital City Advertising Co., general sign contractors, neon manufacturing sales & service, at the ESBMA (East Side Business Men's Ass...

Date: 1957-03-26 

Description: The caption states "Alpha Chi girls majoring in child development, Gwyneth Fair, left, and Dorthy Bell, entertain two small victims of cerebral palsy. The...


Two-Headed Turtle

Date: 1931-11-02 

Description: Two-headed snapping turtle, found near the Yahara River outside of Stoughton by Leo Halverson.

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