Elijah Swan

Date: 1850 ca.

Description: A sixth plate daguerreotype of Elijah Swan. The subject is half length, facing front. He is holding a cane in his right hand, and an unidentified object i...

Date: 1917 ca.

Description: Workers manufacturing wooden wagon components inside International Harvester's Weber Wagon Works. One worker is drilling holes in wooden pieces. The factor...

Date: 1995-08 

Description: Congressman David R. Obey presents a big check to representatives of Nicolet College. As chairman or ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee O...

Date: 1930 ca.

Description: Leon Lamoreux sits at his desk in the Western Union office at 21 West Main Street. (This building no longer exists.) He and his wife, Beatrice, later taugh...


Louis F. Warrick

Date: 1948-04-21 

Description: Louis F. Warrick, State Board of Health, at his desk.


Seymour Wilcox

Date: 1856 

Description: Quarter-length oval portrait of Seymour Wilcox. He was born in Madrid, St. Lawrence county, New York, on November 22, 1805. Wilcox came to Wisconsin in Jul...

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Two men posed with guns in a hunting cabin. The room in sparsely furnished with a table, chairs, and a bed.


General Meredith


Description: Three-quarter length studio portrait of General Meredith standing near a chair with his hand inside his jacket.


Tom Thumb and Wife


Description: A carte-de-visite of "General Tom Thumb" (Charles Stratton) and his wife Lavinia Warren, the "Little Queen of Beauty".


The "Shopinks"

Date:  date unknown

Description: The "Shopinks," a band whose set sometimes included fishing nets, relaxing in a living room near a fireplace.

Date: 1967 

Description: A man and woman are walking along a dirt path near a gazebo. Flowers and trees and bushes are growing inside the horticultural conservatory.


Walter Stern

Date: 1914-02-24 

Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Walter Stern, Milwaukee company president.

Date:  date unknown

Description: Waist-up studio portrait of an unidentified European American woman posed sitting in a chair with a tasseled back. She is wearing a light-colored plaid dre...


Darlene Quinn

Date: 1936 ca.

Description: Darlene Quinn, a student at the Kehl School, poses with an accordion.


Unidentified Woman

Date:  date unknown

Description: Sixteenth plate ferrotype/tintype of a quarter-length portrait of an unidentified woman. She is facing front and slightly left, and is wearing a dark dress...


Reidar N. Qualley

Date: 1948-02-11 

Description: Portrait of Reidar N. Qualley, civic, fraternal, and church leader, on the occasion of his 84th birthday. He emigrated from Norway in 1890.

Date: 1948-03-01 

Description: NCAA boxing tournament at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Bob Apperson, Wisconsin, is throwing a straight left to Cayocca's head, San Jose State, in the t...

Date: 1924 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of Belle Case La Follette, the wife of Robert M. La Follette, taken about the time of his independent campaign for the presidency. Mrs. La...


Roland D. Irving

Date: 1879 

Description: Quarter-length portrait of Professor Irving Roland.


Thomas Alva Edison

Date:  date unknown

Description: Portrait of Thomas A. Edison.

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