Date: 1951-10-12 

Description: Group photograph of twenty-four officers of the 7-12th grade classes at Wisconsin High School.


New Aluminum Canoes

Date: 1946-06-29 

Description: A truckload of twenty-eight aluminum canoes in front of Madison Marine Service, 2102 Atwood Avenue. They were transported from Long Island, New York. The B...

Date: 1954-06-28 

Description: Josephine Maloney lounges in her garden at her residence in the Highlands. The garden is included in the Attic Angel Garden Tour, an annual event to raise...

Date: 1956-09-04 

Description: Portrait of George and Evelyn Link on their golden wedding anniversary.


Mills Residence

Date:  ca.

Description: Simeon Mills (farm) residence, 2709 Sommers Avenue. This Victorian Italianate residence was built from local sandstone in 1863. Mills, an early Madison set...

Date: 1960-11-29 

Description: Group portrait of the Madison Central High School basketball team. First row, left to right, includes Barry Sweet, Jim McFarlane, Tony Balsamo, Tom Teasda...

Date: 1950-03-16 

Description: View of a Thursday game during the boy's high school basketball tournament. Some teams and players can be identified by reference to other published photo...

Date: 1883 ca.

Description: Caption on reverse side of stereoview reads, "Governmental buildings, Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and Hospital over Lake Mendota-looking from Capitol P...

Date: 1877 ca.

Description: F.A. Schmidt, professor of theology at the Norwegian Lutheran Seminary, with his family on the grounds of the seminary, formerly the Soldiers' and Orphans'...

Date: 1953-07-22 

Description: Portraying Diamond Jim Brady and Diamond Lil at the Blackhawk Country Club Gay 90's party are Robert and Harriet Narowetz. They are being served a drink b...


Traffic Accident

Date: 1934-10-12 

Description: Automobile and truck accident at the corner of Milton Street and West Washington Avenue in the Greenbush neighborhood. A crowd has gathered to observe the...

Date: 1974-07-10 

Description: An evening at the Big Sky drive-in theatre. Rear view of two people sitting in an automobile watching a drive-in movie.

Date: 1957-02-02 

Description: Working on decorations for the 11th birthday celebration of The Loft are, from left to right, Richard Hamm, 206 North Hillside Terrace; Lynn Miller, 2518 U...


Description: Close-up of a boy relaxing on a blanket on a hot day at B.B. Clarke Beach.

Date: 1950-05-20 

Description: The only winner of three individual events in Saturday's triangular track meet at Camp Randall was Northwestern's Jim Holland, shown here winning the 100 y...

Date: 1930 ca.

Description: Interior view of Great Hall with skylight in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Union. A piano is onstage on the left.


St. Mary's Hospital

Date: 1918 ca.

Description: St. Mary's Hospital, 720 South Brooks St., completed in 1911.

Date: 1933-11-24 

Description: Cedric Parker, Capital Times reporter, gets his hair curled with a permanent wave machine attached to his hair, at Mrs. Wengel's Marinello Shop, 125 State...

Date: 1954-04-07 

Description: Group portrait of Catherine Kuehn with eleven of her twelve children.

Date: 1945-04-13 

Description: Reverend George E. Hunt, age 80, interim pastor at Christ Presbyterian Church.

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