Date: 1952-06-28 

Description: Two men from C.C. Collins and Sons, Inc. look over a color chart for their racers with two boys they are sponsoring in the soap box derby race. Left to rig...


Adlai Campaigning

Date: 1952 

Description: Adlai Stevenson, Democratic Presidential candidate, at a podium speaking to an audience. To Stevenson's right is Thomas Fairchild, the Democratic candidat...

Date: 1945-03-26 

Description: Group portrait of five Boy Scouts with a troop leader teaching them first aid.

Date: 1954-09-06 

Description: Mrs. Evelyn Gotzion of 3222 James Street in Madison, Labor Day Queen, shows her ring to Orla Coleman, president of the Madison Federation of Labor. The rin...

Date: 1959-05-14 

Description: Four people chat about the "old country" during the observance of Norway's Syttende Mai Independence Day, sponsored by the Ygdrasil Literary Society at the...

Date: 1959-07-16 

Description: Joseph Hall, president of Krogers food chain, came to Madison for a business meeting with Lavon Martin, vice-president of the Madison branch of Kroger Comp...

Date: 1947-03-11 

Description: Rev. F. Paul Splett, pastor of Zion Lutheran Church, 247 Division Street, with two charter member couples. Couple on the left is Mrs. and Mrs. Albert Wies...

Date: 1917 ca.

Description: University of Wisconsin-Madison students stand on a Lake Mendota pier watching others swim.

Date: 1936 ca.

Description: Exterior of the Madison Consumers Dairy Co-operative, probably located at 102 South Dickinson Street, with the milkmen posing next to their home delivery t...

Date: 1952-03-18 

Description: Attending the East Side Women's Club Mother-Daughter Banquet pictured left to right were twins Bonnie Jones, and Beth Jones with their mother Joyce J. Jon...

Date: 1949-11-30 

Description: View of the basketball court and new bleachers in the University of Wisconsin fieldhouse.

Date: 1930-09-14 

Description: Motion picture advertisement for RKO Capitol theater's "Anybody's Woman" displayed at Breese Stevens Field. A man is standing at the concession stand belo...

Date: 1908-06-08 

Description: Pen-and-ink on paper. Shows vicinity of Washburn Observatory and University Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Relief shown by contours and spot...


Ella Bennett Breese

Date: 1944-05-25 

Description: Ella Bennett Breese, a member of one of Madison's oldest families, has decorated the graves of American war veterans for 70 years or more. She is placing a...


Description: An unusual burial mound in the Willow Drive mound group on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, prior to its excavation by Charles E. Brown.

Date: 1932-02-13 

Description: Green County 4-H Club girl, Helen Haldeman of Monroe, poses in the Madison Gas and Electric Co. demonstration kitchen, while she competes in the state cher...


Old English Room

Date: 1940-06-13 

Description: Old English Room restaurant in the Belmont Hotel, 31 North Pinckney Street.

Date: 1954-07-13 

Description: Karl Schlicht, Blackhawk Country Club professional, and caddy chairman Charline Larson are pictured with two twin caddies David Pearson and Dennis Pearson,...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Basement of a prefabricated house, designed by Marshall Erdman, during construction.

Date: 1952-01-05 

Description: Action shot at the basket during the University of Wisconsin at Purdue Basketball game. A Purdue player is getting the rebound.

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