Discover the history of Robert Manning Antes

Historical Essay

Plants native to Wisconsin

Brief description of plants native to Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

La Follette Casket Flag

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

United States Flag used to drape the caskets of both Robert M. La Follette, Sr. and Jr. (Museum object #1951.187)

Governor, Secretary of State, Politician

Discover the history of Fred Zimmerman

Historical Essay

Potter, John Fox 1817 - 1899

Republican Congressman and American diplomat

Learn more about this Wisconsin Congressman. This article contains links to related articles, newspaper clippings and a catalog description of his papers.

Term: Civil War (13th Light Artillery) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Mormon clergyman

Discover the history of Jason W. Briggs

Term: Civil War (3rd Light Artillery) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Discover historical details and explore our online collections related to Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Learn the inside story of the Teasdale Vice Committee Investigation of 1913 in Wisconsin and their crusade against "social evil."

Term: Walworth County Ploughboys Civil War in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Learn about the pottery company that developed in Edgerton, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay


Origin of Geneva, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Geneva, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Death Penalty in Wisconsin

Brief history of the death penalty in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Tobacco Industry

Broef history of Wisconsin's tobacco industry.

Term: Abbott [origin of place name] in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Historical Essay

Best, Phillip 1814 - 1869


Discover the history of Phillip Best.

Jewelry and Postcard Publisher

Discover the History of Winnecone, Wisconsin through Otto Ansorge's photographs

Historical Essay

Gordon (telegraph station)

Origin of Gordon, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Gordon, Wisconsin.

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