Hoyt Hardine Farm

Date: 1927-07-08 

Description: A man rides on a horse-drawn cultivator while another walks beside it in a cornfield on the farm of Hoyt Hardine(sp?).

Date: 1902 ca.

Description: A farmer using a horse-drawn corn binder in a field.

Date: 1949 

Description: Man sorting cards on large table.


Fish About to Fly

Date: 1912 

Description: Farnum Fish, the California-born "boy aviator," about to take off in his two-seat Wright Model B during a flying exhibition at the Wisconsin State Fairgrou...

Date: 1913 ca.

Description: Advertising poster for Titan tractors. Features color illustrations of the 45 h.p. Titan, the 20 h.p. Titan with plow, and the 25 h.p. Titan with a hay pr...

Date: 1919 ca.

Description: Men working with molds at International Harvester's Plano Works. One worker is standing at a workbench. The factory was later known as "West Pullman Works....

Date: 1930 

Description: A line of female factory workers seated at a long table piled with metal parts at International Harvester's West Pullman Works.


Processing Facility

Date: 1902 ca.

Description: Men standing around a brick processing facility that may be near a body of water. A burn-barrel is in the foreground.

Date: 1925-02 

Description: Four men with their collars turned up against the cold stand beside the Fayette Tourists Lodge. The Fayette post office was housed in the building. On the...

Date: 1910-09 ca.

Description: Three men are in a horse-drawn carriage in front of the Dillon Hotel where a man and woman look on from the front porch. The group is preparing to leave fo...

Date: 1935 ca.

Description: A worker stands at a table in the spare parts room of International Harvester's Berlin-Tempelhof branch house. Parts bins are in the background under skyli...

Date: 1944 

Description: Elevated view of a man using a McCormick-Deering Farmall H with a Number 39 two-way roll-over plow to build a terrace.


Description: A group of African American packinghouse workers at an unidentified location cutting slabs of pork.

Date: 1948 

Description: Elevated view of three women evaluating meal prepared by a cook inside International Harvester's Evansville Works home economics kitchen. The Evansville Wo...

Date: 1955 ca.

Description: Members of the Advisory Council on Social Security, which has just completed a review of the social security program and submitted recommendations for impr...


Description: Governor Albert Schmedeman sits at his desk for a group portrait. To his right stand three men wearing suits, and to Schmedeman's left stand five women wea...

Date: 1948-10-07 

Description: Group photograph of the flight crew for the University of Wisconsin football team trip to Oakland, California. The crew is pilot J.A. Anderson, Chicago; fi...

Date: 1934 

Description: Poster urging the boycott of Kohler Company plumbing products, printed by striking Federal Labor Union No. 18545 in late 1934. Because the Company refused...


Artist Alex Hardie

Date: 1945-03-14 

Description: Alex Hardie paints a watercolor with the brush between his teeth. Alex lost portions of both arms in a railroad accident in 1900.

Date: 1925-10-06 

Description: A female factory worker(?) from Osborne Works poses for a portrait in a wooded area.

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