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Platteville, Wisconsin

Date: 1960 ca.

Description: This street map was likely given out by Mound City Bank and features a legend of points of interest and a street index. Streets are labeled as is the Round...


Michael Perry

Date: 2003 ca.

Description: Wisconsin author Michael Perry smiles for a picture at book signing of his book "Big Rigs, Elvis & the Grand Dragon Wayne".


E. Grossman, Tailor


Description: Waist-up studio portrait of E. Grossman, a tailor.

Date: 1934-10-12 

Description: Three attendants stand beside a Goodrich truck at Goodrich Silvertown, Inc. 515 University Avenue, next to a sign for Goodrich Tires and Batteries. A pile...

Date: 1929-04 ca.

Description: Two men, possibly clerks, sit on either side of a desk working on papers in an office at International Harvester's Ft. Wayne Works. There is a phone, stamp...


Description: Circus clown, "Bumpsy" Anthony, stands in front of a tent.


Description: Page from Joy Camps photo album displaying two photographs. In one, a number of campers are kneeling, working in a farmer's field. A tractor and line of tr...

Date:  date unknown

Description: At Lou Braslawsky's kosher meat market, a butcher holds a roast for a customer to examine. A sign at the back of the store suggests that chickens, not beef...

Date: 1976 

Description: Advertising proof created by Foote, Cone & Belding for the International Harvester Company. Features a color photograph of a woman bringing a thermos to a...

Date: 1939 

Description: From left to right: George Bigge, Arthur Altmeyer, Chairman, and Ellen Woodward in an early meeting of the Social Security Board.


NBC Cameramen

Date: 1960-02 

Description: NBC television cameramen (Fred Rheinstein and Dexter Allen) preparing to film in Indonesia. They were covering a meeting between President Sukarno and Niki...

Date: 1950 ca.

Description: Elevated view of a farmer in a field operating a McCormick Farmall C tractor with attached mower.

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Rear view of man wearing a banded hat and riding a mower drawn by two horses. The man is lifting the sickle bar on the mower to avoid a tree stump. A road...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Group of men posed with 13,260 feet of cut lumber on a horse-drawn sled in Winter. Some of the men hold cant hooks.

Date: 1949 

Description: Robert Tehan raises his right hand as he is inaugurated as a judge. He is surrounded by bouquets of flowers.


Engine-Powered Saw

Date: 1923-10 

Description: A man wearing overalls and a cap uses a saw powered by a 1.5 horsepower McCormick-Deering engine to cut wood on International Harvester's Hinsdale experime...


Description: Textile workers strike in Alabama. Signs in back read, "This Company Is Unfair To The Laboring Class + It Is Your Fight As Well As Ours. Don't Scab. Dal...

Date: 1938 

Description: Factory workers at International Harvester's Indianapolis Works. Each wears a protective apron, and eyeglasses. Original caption states: "Battery of Pratt...

Date: 1923 

Description: Mrs. Waggoner steadies a metal pail on the platform of a cream separator as it collects cream at International Harvester's demonstration farm. Milk flows i...


Arlene Weidenkopf

Date: 1954-01-12 

Description: Portrait of Arlene Weidenkopf, private secretary to Wisconsin Attorney General Vernon W. Thomson.

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