Date: 1927-12-28 

Description: Adults and children approach the entrance of International Harvester's pavilion at the Iowa State Fair. Signs on the building advertise "International Moto...

Date: 1955 ca.

Description: Original caption reads: "E.R. Zimmerman, left, St. Cloud district manager, and four dealers and customers watch a No. 141 combine [harvester-thresher] 'com...

Date: 1911-06-16 

Description: Men maneuver an experimental lightweight tractor designed by John F. Steward through the yard of one of International Harvester's factories - most likely M...

Date: 1923-05-12 

Description: International trucks and engines on display in a dealership or branch showroom.

Date: 1919 

Description: Color illustration of a man using a Heider tractor to work in a farm field. The image was part of the center spread of a pamphlet produced by Rock Island P...

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Dairy 50 years old in Wisconsin

Date: 1922-1-16

County: Winnebago

Date: 2004 

Description: Norm and Renee were married October 17, 1981. Their children are Ryan, 22, and Jessica, 20.

Date: 1962 

Description: Men gather in the field on an International Harvester company farm to watch the demonstration of a bale thrower. International Harvester offered classes on...


Farm Scene

Date:  date unknown

Description: A horse and carriage drives down a lane past a farmhouse, barns, and a windmill.


Harvesting Corn

Date: 1902 ca.

Description: A farmer uses a corn binder while two others collect the shocks. A farmhouse is in the background with several individuals standing on its porch.

Date: 1912 ca.

Description: Man driving a Mogul tractor with large hitched plow in front of a building that may be a McCormick dealership. The building also has signs for the J.I. Cas...


Farmers Threshing


Description: Numerous farmers participate in the threshing of grain. Left is the straw stack, center is the threshing machine and wagon to haul it to the granary, and r...

Date: 1913 

Description: Elevated view from hill of the town and hills in the distance.


Picking Peanuts

Date:  date unknown

Description: Agricultural workers picking peanuts. Text on photograph reads: "Picking Peanuts In Isle Of Wight, Va." and "Parish & Simpson."

Date: 1962 ca.

Description: Color photograph of a man pulling a batting cage with a Cub Cadet lawn tractor at Metropolitan Stadium, home of the Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Vikings.

Date: 1915 ca.

Description: Rear view of young child operating a horse-drawn hay rake while a man stands nearby.


Stacking Alfalfa

Date:  date unknown

Description: Several agricultural workers stacking alfalfa. The alfalfa is being loaded onto a horse driven wagon. In the distance, stacking machinery is being used to...


Description: Young man standing next to a bee skep while holding a swarm of bees. German writing on back: "Mein John Felix."


"Tractorette" Class

Date: 1942 

Description: A group of female "Tractorette" class participants with their male instructor gather around a Farmall tractor. The original caption reads, "Part of tractor...



Date: 1922 

Description: Exterior of the Chaseburg Cooperative Creamery. Smoke comes from the back of the building. There is an advertisement for C.R. Watterson, "the painless dent...

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