Date: 1951-12-04 

Description: Navy Radioman Burton Fischer is shown on a cot as he donates blood during a blood drive for naval reservists from the naval reserve training center. At lef...

Date: 1954-06 

Description: Umpire Paul Sergenian (left) discusses the game with youth baseball players Ronny Padloff and Jerry Riddle (shown left to right).

Date: 1928-05-04 

Description: Three-quarter rear view of man pulling a P&O (Parlin and Orendorff) Little Wonder plow with a McCormick-Deering 10-20 tractor. Decals are on the tractor an...

Date: 1945-01-24 

Description: Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific railroad party showing thirteen men seated and standing with a display of flags and an emblem.

Date: 1954-07-04 

Description: More than 1000 persons attended the ninth annual Kennel Club Dog Show held at the Dane County Fairgrounds. Karen Ann Reppen finds this puppy more interest...

Date: 1949-10-12 

Description: Randall Elementary School kindergartners are shown making applesauce under the supervision of their teachers Marguerite Drew and Lois Griskavich. Left to r...


Bis Picking Clover

Date: 1918 ca.

Description: Florence (Bis) Lloyd Jones sitting on the lawn picking clover.

Date: 1956-02-12 

Description: Two GOP party members attend the annual Lincoln Day dinner at the Dane County Fairgrounds. Marian Fox is the state GOP vice-chairman and national Republica...

Date: 1874 ca.

Description: Two carriages and a family are posed in front of a picket fence. Behind them is a large frame house with carpenter's lace trim. A wooden barrel is in the b...

Date: 1951-11-11 

Description: Twelve Shrine All-City football team members are named at annual Shrine Banquet.

Date: 1957-09-04 

Description: Interior photo of Baron Brothers Department Store after remodeling. Joseph Rothschild, a partner of the firm, stands with Freda Kitson, manager of the new...


Depot and Yards

Date: 1926 

Description: View down railroad tracks where three boys are standing. The water tank and windmill are on the right near the Deerfield Depot. On the far right, two men a...

Date: 1945-06-28 

Description: Professor John H. Kolb, a rural Sociologist in the University of Wisconsin College of Agriculture.

Date:  date unknown

Description: "Indians Striking the Trail" painting in the North Hearing Room,in the Wisconsin State Capitol, by Charles Turner. This is one of four paintings depicting...

Date: 1954-09-04 

Description: Members of Bashford Methodist Church, 15 North Seventh Street, tears down the house at 329 North Street where the new church will be located. Floyd Fairban...


Dr. McConnell Home

Date: 1878 ca.

Description: A family sits in the yard of a large brick house that has round-top windows with two small windows on the third floor. The porch has a latticework skirting...

Date: 1949-08-07 

Description: One of the features of the annual city swimming meet held at b.b. Clarke Beach was the water ballet put on by these girls: left to right, Sharon Thompson,...

Date: 1956-12-15 

Description: Mrs. Truman Graf and Mrs. John L. Adams, members of the School of Agriculture Daughters of Demeter, enjoying a Christmas tea and program in the University...

Date: 1954-11 

Description: This metal wall-hanging candle holder was made from a trivet and a pendulum by Mrs. Winfield Martin for the Art Guild gift exhibit. Winfield made the candl...

Date: 1953-02-05 

Description: Joint Finance Committee of the 1952 Wisconsin Legislature listen to arguments for and against the $5,000,000 cut Governor Walter Kohler proposed in the Uni...

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