Date: 1947-03-20 after

Description: Pictured left to right at the Wisconsin Legislative banquet: University of Wisconsin President, Edwin B. Fred, and Donald C. McDowell, Republican from Craw...


Ellen Sabin

Date: 1944-12-02 

Description: Miss Ellen Sabin, president emerita of Milwaukee-Downer College, cutting the birthday cake at her 94th birthday party hosted by the Milwaukee-Downer club o...

Date: 1950-03-07 

Description: This little Irish miss is 2 1/2-year old Sally Anne O'Malley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Connor (Mary) O'Malley, 202 South Allen Street.

Date: 1953-12-20 

Description: Abby Brogden, age 3, and Ashley Moffat, age 2, hold popcorn balls while they sit on chairs in front of a Christmas tree.


Music Sorority Tea

Date: 1957-02-14 

Description: Five women at a music sorority tea.

Date: 1957-09-16 

Description: Joseph (Roundy) Couglin, a popular sports columnist for the Wisconsin State Journal, cuts a large decorated birthday cake at his birthday party.


First Costume Ball

Date: 1949-02-18 

Description: Members of Ethlyn Jefferds' dancing class, fifth and sixth grade students from Shorewood, Randall, and Lakewood schools, attending their first costume ball...

Date: 1957-02-01 

Description: Mr. and Mrs. D.K. (Corinne) Evans of 3901 Birch Avenue were among the many Westmorland residents who attended the mid-winter dance at Nakoma Country Club.

Date: 1958-12-04 

Description: Some of the 300 choristers who will sing in the Christmas pageant in the State Capitol are shown at a rehearsal. This group of singers is from West High Sc...

Date: 1945-07-13 

Description: Cynthia Harley celebrates her second birthday with seven young girls. She was born July 13, 1943, daughter of University of Wisconsin Radio Director Willia...

Date: 1950-04-26 

Description: Window display at Manchester's, Inc., 2 East Mifflin Street, featuring Rustcraft greeting cards.

Date: 1956-11-06 

Description: Eunice Quinn poses with her button collection and trophies.

Date: 1959-01-02 

Description: Committee chairmen for the Democratic Club of Dane County inauguration dinner & ceremony event check over last minute details. Shown seated (left to right)...

Date: 1949-03-08 

Description: Pictured at the East Side Women's Club annual mother-son banquet from left to right are: Mrs. Olaf (Beret) Strand, Reidar Strand, and Reidar Olaf Strand.

Date: 1932-10-29 

Description: Esther Johnson wears a Halloween costume and bit-nosed mask, and holds the Jack-o-Lantern that she will wear in the Capital Times "Schnozzle" parade...

Date: 1960-10-07 

Description: Among the past presidents of the Madison Woman's Club who attended the tea were Minnetta Hastings, Flora Ritter, Dorothy Schubert and Harriet Loucks.

Date: 1960-09-17 

Description: People from Mexico and their Madison area friends gather at the Truax Field Officer's Club to celebrate Mexico Independence Day. William Rosenbaum, a frequ...

Date: 1961-06-27 

Description: Attending the annual golf awards dinner at Maple Bluff Country Club are, left to right: Mrs. William Straub, Vilma Foust, Jessie Nelson and Dorothy Martin.

Date: 1953-05-20 

Description: Louise C. Britton with her husband and two of their friends "sitting one out" at the Cosmos Dance Club's 30th anniversary dinner dance held at the Nakoma C...

Historical Object

Paul Vanderbilt Pairing 132

Date:  date unknown

Description: The parson came. He said it well:
Enough is all we want, to hold and sleep on,
not the sky.
A little harvest of the sorrows
between the sentenc...

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