Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Copy of Gilbert Stuart's portrait of George Washington painted by Thomas Sully, 1854. (Museum object #1942.506)

Historical Essay

Meir, Golda (1898-1978)

Israel's First Female Prime Minister

Learn about the life of Israel's first female prime minster, her role in the Zionist movement, and her early years living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

Explorer and Trader

Biography of Daniel Greysolon Sieur Duluth who helped protect the Wisconsin area against raids of the Iroquois.

Historical Essay

Hazel Green (Hard Scrabble)

Origin of Hazel Green, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Hazel Green, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay


Origin of Gogebic, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Gogebic, Wisconsin.

Lumberman and Businessman

Discover the history of Hiram Storrs Allen

Historical Essay

High Bridge (Silver Creek)

Origin of High Bridge, Wisconsin

Discover the history of High Bridge, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Capital, Attempted Removal

Brief description of the various attempts to move the Wisconsin Capitol building to other locations.

Historical Essay

Poles in Wisconsin

Brief history of Polis migration to Wisconsin.

Death of the Chief

Discover the history of Ho-Chunk chief Red Bird from 1788-1828.

Historical Essay

Madison Fire Company Banner

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Madison Fire Company No. 2 silk banner, 1857. (Museum object #1951.288)

Historical Essay

Winans, John 1831 - 1907

Lawyer and Congressman

Discover the history of John Winans

Historical Essay

Hungarians in Wisconsin

Learn about the Hungarian immigrants who came to Wisconsin from the 19th century through the post-World War II era.

Historical Essay

Vicksburg, Assault on

Civil War Battle Summary

Historical Essay

Dead Lake (Lake Wingra)

Origin of Dead Lake, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Dead Lake, Wisconsin

Discover historical details and explore our online collections related to Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Lice Comb from Fort Crawford

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Bone lice comb from site of first Fort Crawford in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, 1816-1829. (Museum object #1997.62.11941)

Discover the story of French traders saved from starvation by Ottawa Indians at the headwaters of the Chippewa River in 1659.

Historical Essay

Hardwood Island

Origin of Hardwood Island, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Hardwood Island, Wisconsin.

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