Term: North Star Rifles (Civil War) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Historical Essay


Origin of Moro, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Moro, Wisconsin

Historical Essay

Leopold, Aldo, 1887-1948

Father of Wildlife Ecology

Learn about the man whose focus on the philosophy of conservation would inspire the environmental movement during the mid-20th century.

A New Vision for the United States

Discover how a few key political issues in the 1850s gave birth to the Republican Party

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Young, Rebecca 1934

Politician and Attorney

Discover the history of Rebecca Young

United States Supreme Court Justice

Biography of William H. Rehnquist, who was born in Milwaukee and went on to serve as an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Wisconsin Civil War Regiment

The 46th Wisconsin Infantry was organized at Camp Randall in Madison and mustered into service on March 2, 1865, only a few weeks before the war ended.

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Reclining seat designed by Brooks Stevens for one of the Milwaukee Road's Hiawatha luxury railroad cars, 1948 (Museum object #1991.92)

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1950s Pink Kitchen

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Pink kitchen with General Electric appliances and custom built cabinets from a Waukesha, Wisconsin ranch home, c. 1958. (Museum object #2006.82)

Congregational clergyman

Discover the history of Homer Wright Carter

Businessman and Historical Society President

Biography of Wisconsin businessman and president of the Wisconsin Historical Society David Clark Everest.

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Wisconsin Emigrant Agency

Brief history of the Wisconsin Emigrant Agency.

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Island No. 10, Battle of

Civil War Battle Summary

Learn about Wisconsin's role in this Civil War battle. This article includes links to related images and original documents.

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Appointment book made of ivory, used by Wisconsin politician and businessman Cassius Fairchild of Madison, WI, during the 1850s. (Museum object #1971.19)

Chief of the Sauk Indians

Biography of Indian war chief Black Hawk

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Wisconsin's Early Schools

How the University was Began

Discover how the lack of educational opportunities in Wisconsin helped create the University of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

"Blitz Fog" pesticide package, manufactured for Northern Industries, Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, c. 1965-1967. (Museum object # 1999.143.22)

Physician, Surgeon and Teacher

Discover the history of physician, surgeon and teacher Chandler Burnell Chapman

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Irish in Wisconsin

Brief history of the Irish in Wisconsin.

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Learn more about the fictitious animal that appeared in lumberjack folklore. This article contains links to original documents.

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