Historical Essay

Muir, John 1838-1914


Discover the history of conservationist John Muir


Discover how the government tried to assimilate Germans and Indians into their culture.

How the State was Formed

Discover how Wisconsin was formed.

Historical Essay

Frank Holton Company

Brief history of the Frank Holton Company.

From Sacred Calumets to Ashtrays

Discover the important role that tobacco and the Peace Pipe have played throughout Wisconsin's history.

How Years of Failure led to Success

Discover the history of suffrage in Wisconsin, and how the state became the first to ratify the 19th amendment after many difficulties.

Historical Essay

Fort Koshkonong

A Fortification That may not Have Existed

Learn the story surrounding the building of Fort Koshkonong by General Henry Atkinson.

Historical Essay

Madison Fire Company Banner

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Madison Fire Company No. 2 silk banner, 1857. (Museum object #1951.288)

Read about Governor Tommy Thompson's efforts to revitalize Wisconsin's economy and reform the state's welfare programs in the 1980s and 1990s.

Menominee War Chief

Learn about the leadership of this Menominee War Chief and his negotiations with the U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs.

Historical Essay

Stephen Bolles (1866 - 1941)

Newspaperman and Politician

Discover the history of Stephen Bolles

A New Vision for the United States

Discover how a few key political issues in the 1850s gave birth to the Republican Party

Learn about the creation of the U.S. Social Security system and Wisconsin's extensive influence on the program.

Historical Essay

Williams, Eleazer 1788-1858

Canadian Clergyman, Missionary and Con Artist

Biography of Eleazer Williams, a Canadian clergyman and missionary who claimed to be the French Lost Dauphin.

Check out some vital statistics and fun facts about Wisconsin

Historical Essay

Plants native to Wisconsin

Brief description of plants native to Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Civil War Regiment

The 10th Wisconsin Light Artillery was organized at New Lisbon and mustered into service on February 10, 1862, at Camp Utley in Racine.

NHD Teacher Essentials

Download the annual theme book for this year, published by the national NHD program.

National History Day Research

Learn how to schedule a fieldtrip to the Wisconsin Historical Society

Historical Essay


Origin of Woodland, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Woodland, Wisconsin

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