Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Plaque commemorating the passage of the 1915 Seaman's Act. (Museum object #1942.530)

Brief history of Mass transportation in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Neenah Rifles (Civil War)

Term: Neenah Rifles (Civil War) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Black-and-white photographs taken and printed by Civil War-era photographer George N. Barnard.

Historical Essay

Civil War: 49th Infantry

Term: Civil War (49th Infantry) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Term: Civil War (7th Light Artillery) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

United States Senate campaign banner for Milwaukee Socialist Congressman Victor L. Berger, April 1918. (Museum object #1992.168)

French Fur Trader

Learn about one of the first French fur traders to visit Wisconsin. Read about his experiences with Indian tribes and his exploration of the countryside.

Historical Essay

Episcopals in Wisconsin

Brief history of Episcopals in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Wisconsin Capitols

During its history, Wisconsin has had five capitols. Read a brief chronology and see a timeline.

Historical Essay

Grindstone Lake

Origin of Grindstone Lake, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Grindstone Lake, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Fish Creek

Origin of Fish Creek, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Fish Creek, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Kreiter Piano Company

Learn about the Kreiter Piano Company, which produced pianos in Milwaukee and Marinette between 1880 and 1945.

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

Historical Essay

Berger, Victor, 1860-1929

Symbol of Milwaukee Socialism

Learn about the man who was the symbol of Milwaukee Socialism. Read about his involvement in the newspaper business, politics, and his anti-war stance.

Historical Essay

Antietam, Battle of

Civil War Battle Summary

This brief article on the Battle of Antietam includes links to battle maps, original documents, related images, and a longer account of the battle.

Historical Essay

20th Century Immigration

The History of Modern Immigration in Wisconsin

Discover the economic and cultural changes that brought new immigrants to Wisconsin in the 20th century.

Historical Essay

Welsh in Wisconsin

Read about Welsh immigration to Wisconsin between 1840 and 1890, when many Welsh settled in rural enclaves as farmers

Historical Essay

Young, Leon D. 1967

Politician and former Police Officer

Discover the history of Leon D. Young

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