Maurine Mulliner

Date: 1937 

Description: Maurine Mulliner was the first Executive Secretary to the Social Security Board, beginning in 1936. This photograph is inscribed "To Wilbur [Cohen] with af...

Date: 1934-05-15 

Description: Exterior view of the Frautschi Furniture Store, located at 213-221 King Street.


Fuller Drive

Date: 1935-06-09 

Description: Rock lined Fuller Drive and the Adolph Jacob Taff house, located at 6 Fuller Drive. This is the western entrance to Fuller's Woods, in Maple Bluff.


Avedision Residence

Date:  date unknown

Description: The Armen and Dorothy Avedisian House was designed by the architectural firm Keck and Keck as Project #597 in 1958. George Fred and William Keck were born...


Smiling Man on Sled

Date:  date unknown

Description: Winter scene with a man lying on a small sled with a big smile on his face. He is wearing dark clothes and a cap. A snow-covered hill, a barn and fences ar...

Date: 1969 

Description: Goodyear "America" blimp lands after final ground check in a field near Wingfoot Lake. The blimp is tied to portable landing mast with generator, machine...

Date: 1890 

Description: Slightly elevated view of the members of the United States Pharmacopeial Convention and their families standing for a portrait at Mount Vernon.

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Panoramic view of University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, with the Wisconsin State Historical Library, old Y.M.C.A., and Armory (Red Gym or Old Red). The b...

Date: 1957-09 ca.

Description: Mob violence during the integration crisis in Little Rock. Probably taken between September 20th, when Governor Faubus withdrew the National Guard and Sept...

Date: 1954-03-22 

Description: Portrait of cast members portraying "The Song of Bernadette," a play to be presented by the senior class of Madison's Edgewood High School. Pictured from l...


Description: Upper Mississippi, Minnesota, near Hastings. Engine and car of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway with men posed sitting on the cattle-catcher and...

Date: 1938-11-08 

Description: Political poster urging voters to elect Republican candidates. Each candidate appears with a quarter-length portrait. Text at the top, "Vote Republican." I...

Date: 1946-07-13 

Description: Close-up of two participants, a man and a boy, in a United Public Workers Parade/Demonstration. Both are looking at the photographer and the boy carries a...


Man in Wagon


Description: J.A. "Abe" Bailey, the horse dealer, at the corner of Second and Fillmore streets, looking east, with a wagon and team of two horses.

Date: 1912 ca.

Description: Mogul tractor pulling an experimental(?) harvester-thresher (combine) in a field.

Date:  date unknown

Description: View from a porch across the campus grounds of Illinois State Normal University, established in 1857. The castle-like building exhibits a tall tower to th...

Date: 1940 ca.

Description: A rear view of the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse at Peninsula State Park.

Date: 1944-12-14 

Description: Eight girls (not in order: Carlene Stoker, Ruth Quale, Mary Alice Quale, Patricia Kinney, Ruth Sund, Mary Fess, Jean LeFebvre and Elaine Tripalin) and harp...


Stolen Loot

Date: 1958-01-17 

Description: The original caption states, "Dane County sheriff's officials survey about $300 worth of auto parts and other merchandise recovered from members of a juven...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Sixth plate daguerreotype of a member of the George A. Johnson family. Waist-up portrait facing forward. He is wearing a suit, cravat, stand collar, and oc...

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