Learn about the origin, and the many spellings and multiple meanings of "Wisconsin."

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Origin of Gaslyn, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Gaslyn, Wisconsin.

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Tredway Rifles (Civil War)

Term: Tredway Rifles (Civil War) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Term: Civil War (1st U.S. Sharpshooters, Co. G) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

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Civil War: 2nd Cavalry

Term: Civil War (2nd Cavalry) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

The Lloyd Jones Family Album

Read about the career of The Capital Times founder Richard Lloyd Jones and browse through photographs he and his wife took while living in Madison.

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Origin of Wilson, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Wilson, Wisconsin

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Leader of the Menominee

A Brief Biography of Chief Oshkosh

Discover how Chief Oshkosh refused to cede his people's land to the US government during the Trail of Tears.

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Civil War: 6th Infantry

Term: Civil War (6th Infantry) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

Sergeant Major George Driggs of Company E, 8th Wisconsin Infantry, introduced readers of his 1864 memoir to the regiment's mascot and most famous member.

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Origin of Fifield, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Fifield, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Oldest known surviving license plate in Wisconsin, issued to a Mount Horeb man, 1905. (Museum object #1966.493.1)

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Milwaukee Light Guard coat worn by Captain John C. Starkweather, 1858-1861. (Museum object #1957.282)

View this beautiful collection of Valentine's Day greeting cards collected from 1840 through 1980.

Wisconsin Civil War Regiment

The components of the 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery regiment were spread throughout the South during the war.

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Hispanics in Wisconsin

Learn about the history of Hispanic Americans in Wisconsin.

Discover historical details and explore our online collections related to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Origin of Gagen, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Gagen, Wisconsin.

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Reform of Military Hospitals

How One Woman Changed Wisconsin During the Civil War

Discover how Cordelia Harvey's mission to reform hospitals during the Civil War would change Wisconsin forever.

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Morality in America

Temperance, Abolition and Utopian Communities

Discovery how early Americans founded the abolition and temperance movements to help increase morality

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