Description: Elevated panoramic view of the Wisconsin River shoreline in the Wisconsin Dells as seen from the "Old Dell House." There is an excursion boat, The Dell...

Date: 1980-04 

Description: Shortly after their wedding at Saint Theresa Catholic Church, Eugene Bodden and his bride, Linda Johnson prepare to leave the church in a manure spreader.

Date: 1910 ca.

Description: View of six men, four women, and a boy standing in front of an entrance to a cave in Doling Park.


Barn Fire

Date: 1987-08 

Description: The Behm familiy suffers a barn fire.


Flooded River

Date:  date unknown

Description: Elevated view across river at flood stage, with piles of logs and timber caught near rocks. A flooded small building is surrounded by water, and has an adv...


Resistcor Display

Date: 1929 

Description: Machinery sits on display under the Resistcor Engineering Corporation's awning at the International Petroleum Exposition.

Date: 1901 ca.

Description: Three women, identified as Louisa, Esther, and Engeline, standing in a field (possibly soybean) on the Julian Corbisier farm. Men in the background are thr...

Date: 1944 

Description: A man uses an International crawler tractor (TracTracTor) equipped with a bulldozer blade on a hillside in the construction of a road. The original caption...

Date: 1962-05-13 

Description: A twisting pasture stream as seen through a flowering tree.

Date: 1910-02-02 

Description: International Auto Buggy with removable top on a snow-covered street or lot.


Hemlock Forest

Date: 1961-09-18 

Description: Bog-clearing in a stretch of hemlock forest along Highway 13.


Description: Front view of a Bellanca CH Pacemaker, featuring "flying struts," sitting on a runway. The cantilever axle-type landing gear, an exclusive feature of Bella...

Date: 1938-09-16 

Description: Madison Pepsi Cola Company truck made by the Ideal Body Company in front of the Ideal Body Company shop on Park Street.

Date: 1915 ca.

Description: International Model M truck used by Terpstra & Son for garden crop shipments. Two men load the truck bed with crates for shipment of what appears to be a r...

Date: 1944 ca.

Description: Robert Doyle standing on a tank. A soldier is peering out of a hatch behind him on the right. A power pole and trees are in the background.


Building Entrance

Date: 1940 before

Description: Entrance to large home. Part of porch as well as side of house visible. Curved stairs lead up to the porch. Door flanked by columns with highly detailed c...



Date: 1963-06-20 

Description: A member of the Milwaukee Astronomical society explains the telescope to children as they look at the stars from the starwagon at the Doerfler playground.

Date: 1912 

Description: John Kaminski (who can barely be seen here in his Lincoln Beachey checkered cap), his mechanic, and onlookers attempting to ready his Curtiss pusher for fl...

Date:  date unknown

Description: A raftsman at work raising an oar (possibly rowing) with another man standing in the background. A second raft is in the distance.

Date: 1886 ca.

Description: Stereograph of five men standing on a log while another man chops at the log with an axe.

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