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To make sure the first board meeting of your new nonprofit organization is a success, you'll have to plan a busy agenda.

Government Relations for Historic Preservation Advocates, Part 2 of 2

Learn how elected officials get their information so you can target your group's outreach to the right people

Design and facilitate your historic preservation group meetings to foster a lively and productive discussion

Learn how to fix a door that sticks or binds in your historic building.

Understanding Your Community's Values on Historic Resources, Part 1 of 2

If you want to make a case for historic preservation in your community, you’ll need to understand your community’s values about its historic resources.

Insulate and seal walls in your historic house to improve energy efficiency.

Learn how to clean, repair, paint and maintain metal features on your historic building.

Steps for repairing the glazing compound in historic windows in order to improve energy efficiency.

Guide or Instruction

Marriage Records Research Tips

Learn tips for using marriage records for family history research.

Learn how to purchase digital files and prints and receive permission for commercial and non-profit projects.

The best way to handle a historic preservation problem that gets a lot of public exposure is to turn it into a PR opportunity.

Preservation is very much about people, and many reporters are looking for human-interest stories that inspire others. Learn how to create those stories.

Your advocacy group's message for historic preservation will have more impact if the people who deliver know how to be clear, rational, and appealing.

Review the steps a professional will take when replacing the foundation of your historic building.

Learn how to remove and replace individual wood shingles on your historic house.

Get to Know Your Elected Officials and their Staff

Government outreach for advocates means two things: establishing relationships with the right people, and knowing who does what.

Learn about the types of federal funding programs available for preserving a historic building or place in your community.

Student Guides to NHD

Learn about creating a History Day website

Learn the basics of how to repair linoleum in your historic building.
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