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The duties of nonprofit board officers generally break down into three roles: president or chair, vice president or vice chair, and treasurer.

Anyone can apply for a Wisconsin Historical Marker by submitting a completed application form. Read how to do it step-by-step.

Asking for money is never easy, but these tips suggest some easy ways to ask people to support your nonprofit organization.

Learn how to clean, repair, paint and maintain metal features on your historic building.

Explore information about caring for the clay tile roof on your historic house.

Your nonprofit board will be more successful if members adopt the skills and habits that lead to excellence in these six areas of competency.

Learn how to identify and repair the decorative glass in your historic building.

Organizing a Fundraising Auction for Your Nonprofit Organization, Part 1 of 3

An auction is a great way to engage members in fundraising for your nonprofit organization, but it is also a huge commitment.

National History Day in Wisconsin

Watch this video to learn about how to find primary sources using the BadgerLink website.

By using a committee governance structure, your nonprofit board can divide up its work into more manageable tasks.

Tours offer a great way to increase the visibility of your organization and preservation issues in the area.

Classroom Materials for NHD

Learn about how to bring National History Day into your classroom, including strategies, handouts, and lesson plans

Your nonprofit preservation organization can find funding opportunities and lots of support from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Learn how to start researching your family history using our physical and online family history resources.

Learn helpful tips for hiring the right contractor for a historic rehabilitation project.

Grant funding is readily available for historic preservation organizations that are willing to put in some hard work.

One of the best ways to ensure that your nonprofit organization operates ethically is to keep your fundraising practices clean and transparent.

Student Guides to NHD

Learn about creating a History Day website

Learn the top maintenance practices you can follow to prevent costly rehabilitation projects.

Learn how to get started with an advocacy effort to save historic buildings and resources in your community
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