Date: 1950 ca.

Description: Color photograph of a man operating a Farmall Super A in a field.

Date: 1910 

Description: Studio portrait of a young boy sitting on top of a 93 lb. pumpkin grown by C.C. Warnka. The boy wears a knit jacket with a THS (possibly Tomah High School)...

Date: 1950-11-17 

Description: Four young girls wearing polka-dot dresses and hats are shown on stage at the Masonic auditorium. They are dancing the roles of the dolls in the 'March of...


Description: A woman seated in a chair wearing a coat with a fur collar, hat, and holding a handbag.


Double Wedding

Date: 1980-01-17 

Description: High school students stage a mock double wedding in their Family Living class.


Zonta Style Show

Date: 1953-09-07 

Description: Vera Weikel Adams, a lyrico-spinto soprano, sits at a piano during the Zonta Style Show. Adams sang two groups of songs during the show.

Date: 1929 ca.

Description: Two men in the showroom of the Morrison Implement Company, an International Harvester dealership. On display are tractors, plows, harrows, a stationary eng...


Description: Portraits of the former Commanders in Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Date: 1930-10-24 

Description: Group portrait of children in costume posed on the back of a truck decorated with streamers for the Cheese Day Parade. Some of the children hold handwritte...

Date:  date unknown

Description: A hunting group stands around three deer strung from a tree along the side of a road. Automobiles are parked in the background.


Henry J. Steinman

Date: 1914-11-14 

Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Henry J. Steinman, Milwaukee merchant.

Date: 1957-07-11 

Description: Mayor Ivan Nestingen; Head Librarian Helen Farr; and Library Board Member A. Kermit Frater stand outside Madison Public Library's new bookmobile. An uniden...


Don't Buy Kohler

Date:  date unknown

Description: The strike against the Kohler Company, which began in 1954, was one of the longest strikes in American history. Many of the strikers' fellow unionists supp...

Date: 1892 

Description: Chromolithograph card of a couple from Ceylon [now Sri Lanka] in "native" Ceylonese costume, posing next to a Singer sewing machine. Part of a "Costumes of...


Description: Humorous photograph of Bloch on his first trip to California at the invitation of Kuttner. According to Gauer, Mooney was sort of a "nutty" musician that l...

Date: 1940 ca.

Description: Factory workers, most likely at International Harvester's Indianapolis Works (Truck Engine Works). Original caption states: "Hot-blast preheater being ere...

Date: 1948-12-27 

Description: Two couples at the punch bowl during the holiday benefit dance at the Turner Hall. From left are Gail Snyder, Footville; John Fox, Madison; Margot Schmidt,...


Men Logging

Date:  date unknown

Description: Group of men posed standing and holding logging tools, including a long saw blade, next to and atop bobsleds pulled by a team of two oxen and a team of two...

Date: 1946-06-24 

Description: Client lying on an automatic reducing lounge, being monitored by an attendant, taking a reducing treatment at Rendahl Health Baths and Reducing Parlor, 227...

Date: 1970-04-19 

Description: Lynn Fontanne, Sir Noel Coward, and Alfred Lunt seated at a table in the Pyrenees Restaurant after the Tony Awards presentations at which Lunt and Fontanne...

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