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Insulate and seal walls in your historic house to improve energy efficiency.

Learn tips to ensure your roofing contractor uses best practices for your historic house.

Brewers Community Foundation, Inc.

Offers grants to nonprofits providing quality programming in health, education, recreation and basic needs, with a focus on low income/disadvantaged youth

See examples of facade grant programs and the types of projects they will cover.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

This grant aims to save historic environments in order to foster an appreciation of our nation's cultural heritage and revitilize communities.

Learn the history of electrical wiring in Wisconsin to address problems with the electrical system in your historic building.

Learn about programs that help fund large-scale rehabilitation projects.

Learn about common exterior wood trim problems and how to solve them.

These consultants are available to help you research historic buildings and archaeological sites.

Review unique considerations for flat roofs, including how to work with a professional roofer to replace your low-slope roof.

General Information

Historic Building Foundations

Learn the three things you should know about the construction of your historic building's foundation.

General Information

Historic Preservation Grants

The 1772 Foundation

This grant provides funds for the rebailitation and preservation of historic buldings throughout the United States.

Explore methods of assessing the exterior condition of your historic building.

Learn about best practices to preserve and maintain your decorative plaster features.

Learn how this landowner turned burial sites on his land into an asset.

Find helpful advice on choosing the right paint and supplies for your historic building.

Read this information before planning a project inside a cemetery or mound group.

Discover methods for maintaining and improving energy efficiency in a historic building.

Discover ways to repair or maintain shellac finishes on wood surfaces.

Learn best practices to preserve and maintain all elements of your original roof.
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