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Learn methods of assessing the condition of the foundation, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems of a historic building.

Want to know if there might be cemetery or Native American mound group on your property? The Society may have the answer

Learn what to consider before you retrofit your historic house for air conditioning.

See helpful tips for hiring professionals to advise you on the condition of your building.

Learn how to repair mortar on your historic brick, stone or stucco building.

Learn why the windows in your historic building are worth repairing and restoring.

USDA Rural Development: Community and Economic Development

These grants help communities reach their long-term economic development goals through two primary programs.

This grant provides funding for non-profit organizations benefitting Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Learn how this landowner handled the discovery of human remains on her property.

Endres Manufacturing Company Foundation

This foundation provides financial support improve the educational and environmental resources in Dane County including historic preservation.

Your Rights Under Wisconsin State Law

Are you unhappy about a decision to move or protect a human burial site? Find out the process to request an appeal.

Explore different types of historic commercial signs and ways to use them.

General Information

Hart Family Funds for Small Towns

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Assists small town preservation and revitalization initiatives for towns with populations of 5,000 or less

Learn the importance of historic awnings and how to choose the appropriate type for your building.

General Information

Why Buy a Historic House?

Learn the benefits of buying and renovating a historic home.

Identify the form and style of your building so you can successfully preserve, maintain and restore it.

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International Grants Program

The Questers

This grant funds teh restoration and preservation of artifacts, existing memorials, historic buildings, landmarks and educational purposes.

See guidelines for planning your rehabilitation project, and organizing the design and construction.

Explore guidelines for building an addition to a historic house while preserving its historic character.

Learn the necessary elements for historic rehabilitation project work contracts.
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