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Holmes, Linus

Date: 1796-1883

Biographical Book Excerpt

Beaumont, William

Date: 1785-1853

County: Brown

Biographical Book Excerpt

Decorah, One-eyed

Date: 1772-1864

Biographical Book Excerpt

Perrot, Nicolas

Date: 1644-1718

Biographical Book Excerpt

Cone, Spencer Houghton

Date: 1785-1855

Date: 1729 ca.

Description: This small and hand painted map focuses on the English claims in North America along the east coast from Cuba up to the southern tip of Greenland. It shows...

Date: 1797-1879

Biographical Book Excerpt

Rice, Harvey

Date: 1786-1864

County: Dodge

Date: 1794-1872

Date: 1757 ca.

Description: This map shows the cities, plantations, lakes, rivers, mountains, Native American territories and colonial borders of the Eastern half of North America, pl...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Forward, Oliver

Date: 1780-1834

Biographical Book Excerpt

Brunson, Alfred

Date: 1793-1882

County: Crawford

Date: 1783 ca.

Description: Map of eastern Canada and part of America, with an inset map of the Great Lakes region in the lower left corner. It shows boundaries, cities, settlements,...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Magoon, Richard H

Date: 1799-1875

County: Green

Date: 1765 

Description: Map showing the new British territories of East and West Florida following the Treaty of Paris at the end of the French and Indian War. It shows boundaries...

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Claflin, Increase

Date: 1795-1868

Biographical Book Excerpt

Payne, William C.

Date: 1740-????

County: Monroe

Date: 1777 ca.

Description: Map showing the Hudson River in three sections, from New York City up through Lake Champlain, including cities, forts, roads, topographical features, and n...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Milman, Robert H.

Date: 1797-1876


Smith, Reuben

Date: 1794-1874

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