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Date: 1775-06-19 

Description: The second page of a letter written by Thomas Lewis to William Preston.

Date: 1744 

Description: A map of a plan of 16,500 acres of land.


Fish, Ashel

Date: 1791-1889

Date: 1767 

Description: Map of the north east coast of America, showing colonial borders, cities, Native American land, lakes, rivers, and a few hills and mountains. Illustrated t...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Hopkins, Ervin

Date: 1788-1880

Biographical Book Excerpt

Slaughter, William B.

Date: 1797-1879

County: Dane

Biographical Book Excerpt

Tallmadge, Nathaniel Pitcher

Date: 1795-1864

Biographical Book Excerpt

Smith, Jesse

Date: 1784-1873

Biographical Book Excerpt

Smith, William Rudolph

Date: 1787-1868

Date: 1745 ca.

Description: Zodiac as seen from the Southern Hemisphere.

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Ryan, Samuel

Date: 1789-1876

Biographical Book Excerpt

Dunn, Charles

Date: 1799-1872

Biographical Book Excerpt

Ross, Friend

Date: 1778-1879

County: Eau Claire

Date: 1789-1870

Biographical Book Excerpt

Wakeley, Salmous

Date: 1794-1867

County: Walworth

Biographical Book Excerpt

Reaume, Charles

Date: 1752-1821

County: Brown

Date: 1755 

Description: Map of North America east of the Mississippi River showing cities, settlements, Native American land, mountains, lakes, rivers, and the boundaries between...

Date: 1795 

Description: Heavily detailed and rare map of the United States. The map features the states, territories, cities, towns, forts, mines, mountains, swamps, lakes, and ri...

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Juneau, Solomon Laurent

Date: 1790-1856

Date: 1712 

Description: Engraved double-hemispherical world map by Moll, included in his atlas The world described, or, A new and correct sett of maps: shewing the kingdoms and st...

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