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General Information

Information for NHD Judges

NHD Competitions

Get information on events, programs, and judging instructions for National History Day in Wisconsin competitions

Read about Governor Tommy Thompson's efforts to revitalize Wisconsin's economy and reform the state's welfare programs in the 1980s and 1990s.

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

Historical Essay

Niagara (shipwreck, 1856)

Brief description of the burning of the steamer Niagara. Congressman John B. Macy of Empire, Fond du Lac County, was numbered among the victims.

Read about the development of an official public education system in Wisconsin. This article includes several links.

Drawing the Line from the Mississippi to Lake Michigan

Discover how businessmen and the legislature cooperated to create Wisconsin's first railroad.

'Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story'

Includes reproducible worksheets that guide students through essential questions. DVD available with classroom purchase.

Historical Essay

Zepnick, Josh 1968


Discover the history of Josh Zepnick

Historical Essay

Honey Creek

Origin of Honey Creek, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Honey Creek, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Concentration camp sweater worn by Tadeusz Kowalczyk while a prisoner at Auschwitz during World War II. (Museum object #1985.92)

Student Guides to NHD

Learn about creating a History Day website

Journalist, Clubwoman, Philanthropist,

Brief biography of Ruth Miriam Kohler [De Young] (1906-1953)


Discover the history of Wisconsin children's author Laura Ingalls Wilder

Historical Essay

Adams, William (1813 - 1897)

Episcopal Clergyman

Discover the history of Episcopal clergyman William Adams

Historical Essay

Goerke's Corners (Blodgett)

Origin of Goerke's Corners, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Goerke's Corners, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Agnew [origin of place name]

Term: Agnew [origin of place name] in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History


Discover the history of Howard Festes Bliss

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Badge worn to support William Jennings Bryan by Wisconsin delegate Charles Donohue at Democratic Convention, Denver, July 1908 (Museum object #1997.36.1)

Discover historical details and explore our online collections related to Menasha, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Madison's First Thanksgiving

The Power of the Pumpkin

Read the story of the first Thanksgiving celebrated in Madison.
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