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Awareness of IP and nonprofit copyright laws will help you protect your organization's reputation and brand.

Learn how to repair splits or cracks in wood siding on your historic building.

How You Can Win When You Lose

You may not win every historic preservation campaign, but you can use your foundation of support to launch your next effort.

Organizing a Publicity Event, Part 1 of 2

A publicity event is an ideal way for your historic preservation group to communicate information about a newsworthy or milestone event

Guide or Instruction

Freedom Summer Sourcebook (PDF)

A comprehensive guide of the most important primary sources for teachers, students and researchers wanting to study Freedom Summer.

Read about techniques to help you develop a well-written historical marker inscription.

Your nonprofit organization's tax status determines whether your organization can engage in lobbying and other political activities

Explore information about caring for the clay tile roof on your historic house.

As your historic preservation organization grows, you may face big decisions about how to accomplish your growing workload.

Organizing a Fundraising Auction for Your Nonprofit Organization, Part 3 of 3

If your fundraising auction is to be a success, your auction table must have high-quality, meaningful items that generate buzz among the bidders.

Classroom Materials for NHD

Learn about how to bring National History Day into your classroom, including strategies, handouts, and lesson plans

Submission Guidelines

The Historic Preservation and Restoration Awards recognize exemplary projects that have preserved or restored a part of Wisconsin's heritage

Guide or Instruction

Passenger Lists Research Tips

Learn tips for using passenger lists for family history research.

Grant funding is readily available for historic preservation organizations that are willing to put in some hard work.

Explore guidelines for building an addition to a historic house while preserving its historic character.

How to identify water-related issues and ways to keep water away from the foundation of a historic building.

Learn how you can get help organizing a local historical organization.

Learn how to advocate for the preservation of historic buildings and resources in your community.

Learn how to maintain the woodwork in your historic house or building.

Directions for replacing a broken or rotted sash cord in a historic window.
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