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Historical Essay

Foster's Ferry (Fulton)

Origin of Foster's Ferry, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Foster's Ferry, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay


Origin of Waubeka, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Waubeka, Wisconsin

Physician and Surgeon

Discover the history of physician and surgeon Henry William Abraham

Historical Essay

Giddings Mill

Origin of Giddings Mill, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Giddings Mill, Wisconsin.

Economist and Professor

Discover the history of economist Thomas Sewall Adams

Contractor and Politician

Discover the history of Augustus A. Bird

Historical Essay

Madison's First Thanksgiving

The Power of the Pumpkin

Read the story of the first Thanksgiving celebrated in Madison.

Discover historical details and explore our online collections related to Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Granger Gourd

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Ceremonial container made from a gourd, presented to Wisconsin Governor William R. Taylor, 1874. (Museum object #1993.53)

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Medal of Honor Recipient

Read about this Wisconsin born Lieutenant's bravery during the Battle of Gettysburg. This article contains links to secondary sources and pictures.

Historical Essay

Grant County

Origin of Grant County, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Grant County,

Term: Omro Union Rifles (Civil War) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Brief run explanation of the earliest European explorers to set foot in Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin Historical Society Menu Sampler

View menus selected from the collections of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Historical Essay

Williams Bay

Origin of Williams Bay, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Williams Bay, Wisconsin

Brief history of the Fox and Wisconsin River Improvement Company.

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Lumberman

Brief biography of Col. Joseph Bailey, the lumberman famous for his creative application of dams during the failed Civil War Red River Campaign of 1864.

Brief biography of Helen Farnsworth Mears, the sculptress whose nine-foot statue, "Genius of Wisconsin," now stands in the WI state capitol.

Historical Essay

Brett Favre's Packers Jersey

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Green Bay Packers football jersey worn by Brett Favre during game against Chicago Bears, January 2, 2005. (Museum object #2005.83.1)

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Kelvinator Microwave “Radarange” thought to be the first home microwave oven used in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 1956. (Museum object #1985.30)
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