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The Northwestern Archaeological Survey Notebooks

The Northwestern Archaeological Survey Notebooks contain survey notes and data compiled by T. H. Lewis in the last two decades of the 19th Century. His unpublished notebooks contain raw survey data for hundreds of mound sites in Wisconsin and adjoining states. Lewis was one of the most talented surveyors of his day, and his maps are usually considered highly accurate. In cases where mound groups have been partially destroyed, the Lewis surveys allow “missing” mounds to be relocated with relative ease. Approximately 80% of the Lewis records have been integrated into the ASI in recent years. The remaining sites will be entered shortly. OSA staff are also preparing a list of sites mapped by Lewis, to be available at a later date. Lewis compiled two types of notes. His main notebooks contain raw survey notes and sketch maps. He also created several “Supplementary” notebooks that contain long lists of sites he either never visited or thought too disturbed to map.

Location: Burial Sites Preservation Office (BSPO), Third Floor. Access to this collection is generally restricted. Please contact BSPO staff ahead of time to arrange access.


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