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The Wisconsin Archeologist

"The Wisconsin Archeologist" is the main publication of the Wisconsin Archeological Society. The quarterly journal remains the main source of information for many of Wisconsin's archaeological sites. As with the Brown Manuscripts, most sites mentioned in "The Wisconsin Archeologist" have been integrated into the ASI, but in a concise fashion. Researchers must take care to select their desired volumes from the correct series. The “Old Series” was published between 1901 and 1921. In 1922, the volume numbering system dropped back to #1, with the publication of the “New Series”. Articles referenced in the ASI will usually contain the notation (OS) or (NS) depending on which series should be consulted, or the year the volume was published.

Location: WHS Library, Second Floor (Location in Stacks subject to change)
Call Number: E 78 W8 W8


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