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Wisconsin Land Economic Inventory (WLEI)

The Wisconsin Land Economic Inventory was conducted between 1927 and 1947, with the bulk of survey completed in the 1930's. The goal of the survey was to create a detailed map of land use in the state so that "unused" land could be identified and put to work. The Wisconsin Historical Society houses several sets of maps completed during the WLEI surveys. The final maps depict one 36 square mile township per sheet, but field maps showing one square mile Section per sheet are also available. The highly detailed field maps depict land cover, land use, structures, utility and transportation corridors, natural features and even the location of game animals. Incorporated areas, some Reservations and some National Forests were not surveyed. The WLEI surveys have not yet been fully integrated into the ASI.

Location: Archives, Fourth Floor

Call Number: Series 1956 (researchers must also specify a county)

Online Resources: View the Wisconsin Land Economic Inventory (WLEI) final (township) maps online


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