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Public Land Permit Form and Guidelines

Under Wisconsin law (Chapter 44, Subchapter II, Section 44.47), all qualified archaeologists conducting archaeological investigations on publicly owned land must complete a "Public Lands Field Archaeological Permit." Archaeology includes, but is not limited to, all types of Phase I, Phase II and Phase III field investigations. Public Land refers to all publicly owned land and includes land owned by the state, county, civil town, or municipality.

This permit does not cover the removal of human remains under s. 157,70 Wis. Stats.

Two sections of the permit are critical and need to be completed before the form is sent to The Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS). These are:

The location where the artifacts are going to be curated must be specified before the permit can be signed by WHS staff.

The property owner, or his designated manager, must sign the form before submitting it to WHS.

The following conditions are appended to all projects:

  1. Two copies of the final report must be submitted to the Division of Historic Preservation
  2. All artifacts and notes must be curated in accordance with guidelines found in 36 CFR Part 79, Curation of Federally-owned and Administered Archaeological Collections or by special arrangement with the Wisconsin Historical Society.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of State Archaeology at 608-264-6496.

Wisconsin Public Lands Field Archaeological Permit (PDF)


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