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Boaz, Wisconsin

First North American people sites in Wisconsin came to broad public attention in 1897, when members of the Dosch family saw the bones of a large animal in an eroded stream bank. Digging unearthed a nearly complete Mastodon skeleton. Two spear points were also recovered with the bones at this site, near Boaz, Wisconsin. This spectacular find was widely publicized, prompting others to look for similar sites. More Paleo-Indian points were discovered and their locations identified. Even today avocational archaeologists and other citizens continue to find spear points used by Wisconsin's first residents. When reported, they continue to add to our understanding of the past.

Boaz Mastodon Historical Marker
A Rare Find (Article) (PDF)
Boaz Mastodon in U.W. Exhibit (Article) (PDF)
A Mammoth Skeleton (Article) (PDF)

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