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Field Work and Research Positions

Field work and research positions are available through the Museum Archaeology Program at the Society. The positions are limited term and require an archaeological field  school or other experience in archaeology.  These positions will be part of archaeological field work which is conducted during the spring, summer, and fall months. The work may include all or most of the following:

Archaeological Field Survey: The individual will participate as a crew member on archaeological field survey projects. These crews, of one to twelve people, are led by a crew supervisor. The object of these surveys is to locate archaeological sites within Wisconsin Department of Transportation project construction areas.

Archaeological Field Excavation: The individual will work as a crew member on a crew of three to twelve people led by a crew supervisor in the investigations of archaeological sites. Excavation at archaeological sites is conducted to determine the size, condition, age, and significance of the site.

In addition, staff may work on specific tasks depending upon their interests, background, and areas of expertise. This may include landowner, collector, or other informant interviewing, local research and investigation, photography, lithic, ceramic or faunal identification, or mapping.

Individuals interested in Field Work should send a letter of interest and resume by March 1st to:

Kent Dickerson, Field Coordinator
Museum Archaeology Program
Room 39
816 State Street
Madison, Wi 53706-1488


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