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Museum Archaeology Program

Research Publications

The Archaeology Research Series highlights the results of major research projects conducted by the program. These volumes may be ordered directly from the Society's Online Store.

The volumes are also sold at the Wisconsin Historical Museum Gift Shop at 30 N. Carroll Street, Madison.

The Archaeology Research Reports series presents information regarding the survey, evaluation and excavation of sites done primarily for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation in compliance with state and federal regulations. Because of our responsibility to protect Wisconsin's cultural heritage, these reports are not for public distribution. Please contact Denise Wiggins for further information.

Archaeology Research Series

The OT Site

Volume 1. The Tremaine Site Complex:
Oneota Occupation in the La Crosse Locality, Wisconsin. The OT Site (47 Lc-262) by Jodie O’ Gorman. ISBN 0-87020-273-1
Currently out of print.

Stylistic analysis of 127 ceramic vessels excavated from a large domestic area revealed Oneota occupations which flourished in the early & late Valley View Phase AD 1450- AD 1650. 278 pages. 70 figures, 56 tables. Paperbound.

The Filler Site

Volume 2. The Tremaine Site Complex:
Oneota Occupation in the La Crosse Locality, Wisconsin. The Filler Site (47 Lc-149) by Jodie O’ Gorman. ISBN 0-87020-274-X

The most recent and consistent radiocarbon dates from this area are among the lines of evidence used to evaluate the Oneota abandonment of the La Crosse locality between AD 1600- AD 1650. 208 pages. 58 figures, 32 tables. Paperbound.

The Tremaine Site

Volume 3. The Tremaine Site Complex:
Oneota Occupation in the La Crosse Locality, Wisconsin. The Tremaine Site (47 Lc-95) by Jodie O’ Gorman. ISBN 0-87020-279-0

Analysis of the seven longhouses discovered at the Tremaine site provide an understanding of community life. This volume summarizes the knowledge gained through the study of the Tremaine Complex sites AD 1300- AD 1550. 440 pages. 114 figures, 67 tables. Paperbound

The Deadman Slough

Volume 4. The Deadman Slough Site:
Late Paleoindian/Early Archaic and Woodland Occupations along the Flambeau River, Price County, Wisconsin by Norman M. Meinholz and Steven R. Kuehn. ISBN 0-87020-282-0
Currently out of print.

Overlooking the Flambeau River in north central Wisconsin, the Deadman Slough Site offers a rare view of some of the earliest inhabitants of Wisconsin. 235 pages. 114 figures, 61 tables. Paperbound

The Statz Site

Volume 5. The Statz Site:
A Late Woodland Community and Archaic Lithic Workshop in Dane County, Wisconsin by Norman M. Meinholz and Jennifer L. Kolb. ISBN 0-87020-280-4

Six semi-subterranean keyhole features arranged in household clusters with associated pits provide new insight into Late Woodland settlement patterns. An extensive Middle to Late Archaic workshop illustrates utilization of local bedrock sources of chert.

Volume 6. Silver Lake and Two Faces Sites. This volume will highlight the results of investigations at a Late Archaic and an extensive Late Woodland occupation in central Wisconsin.


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