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Past Events

Below you will find links to our past events.

2011 - Born in Wisconsin (PDF, 1.9 MB)

The 2011 Wisconsin Archives Month theme, "Born in Wisconsin," highlights materials that reflect our state's varied stories, focusing on people, ideas, organizations, products, and events native to or associated with Wisconsin. It allows you an opportunity to showcase your holdings, programs, and services.

2010 - Postcard Wisconsin (PDF, 139 KB)

The 2010 Wisconsin Archives Month theme, "Postcard Wisconsin," focuses on historical postcards to highlight how people keep archival documents about themselves, their families, and their experiences to preserve memories and share stories. Whether or not your archives has a historical postcard collection, Wisconsin Archives Month brings you an opportunity to showcase your holdings, programs, and services.

2009 - Scrapbook Wisconsin (PDF, 113 KB)

The 2009 Wisconsin Archives Month theme, "Scrapbook Wisconsin," spotlights one familiar way that many people use documents to keep their own records and recall meaningful events in their lives. Whether they are the traditional paper variety pictured in the poster or the newer versions made possible by computers and digital photography, scrapbooks are frequently found in our homes and in Wisconsin archives.

2008 - Discover the Unexpected (PDF, 102 KB)

Visit your local archives! Wisconsin archives can surprise and delight as well as inform visitors. Their collections include fascinating windows on state and local history that sometimes reveal events, people and trends we never knew before. During Archives Month 2008, we featured the unexpected riches that our state's historical records hold.

2007 - Celebrating Our Stories (PDF, 128 KB)

Explore how the people of Wisconsin remember the past, share stories about this land and its people, and celebrate their heritage, common values and accomplishments.

2006 - Wisconsin at Play(PDF, 107 KB)

Badger State residents have engaged in many types of recreational activities, leisure pursuits, sports, hobbies, and games over the years. We've encouraged Wisconsinites to comb their archives and historical collections for items that document this off-hours part of Wisconsin life.

2005 - Wisconsin Women (PDF, 509 KB)

A chronicle of the significant role women have made to life in Wisconsin. From everyday women who have worked and made contributions in Wisconsin communities to the famous and important women that biographies highlight.

2004 - Wisconsin Votes (PDF, 112 KB)

Wisconsin voters have made themselves heard every election day with electoral politics, campaigning and voting activities. From the anti-slavery agitation in the 1850s, to women's suffrage in the early twentieth century, to today's hot-button tax issues.

2003 - Immigrant Wisconsin (PDF, 849 KB)

From the arrival of Wisconsin's first human inhabitants to naturalization ceremonies for our newest foreign-born citizens, immigration to Wisconsin has played a significant role in the state's history. In fact, Wisconsin, often called "the most ethnic state," has always been home to a broad array of groups from other countries.

2002 - Wisconsin in Wartime (PDF, 478 KB)

Join us in reflect on Wisconsin's experiences in war, from the battlefront to the homefront. Historical records such as photographs, posters, audio recordings, letters, newspapers, and diaries capture wartime experiences and remind us of how war has changed and shaped our state.

2001 - Wisconsin Family History: Digging Our Roots (PDF, 237 KB)

From remembering your loved ones to chronicling your entire family tree, Wisconsin's historical records reflect many different aspects of life for Wisconsin families. History comes alive through citizenship records, birth announcements, death certificates, marriages records and so much more.

2000 - Main Street Wisconsin: Building Communities (PDF, 296 KB)

Highlight the importance of main streets as commercial, social, governmental, and cultural centers - the place around which Wisconsin communities were built. As Carole Rifkind said in her book Main Street: The Face of Urban America, ".Main Street was always familiar, always recognizable as the heart and soul of a village, town or city."

1999 - Making the News: Wisconsin in the Media (PDF, 128 KB)

Learn about Wisconsin's own Hans von Kaltenborn (1878-1965), who started out as a newspaper writer but later became the "Dean of American Radio News Commentators." Find more information about Kaltenborn in the Wisconsin Historical Society archives, including Kaltenborn's collection of papers, scripts, and recorded broadcasts.


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