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Audio Selections

The Wisconsin Historical Society will soon begin to publish audio files of historical speeches and other historical audio clips online. Our first clip is of Malcom X speaking out about violence against him from the Nation of Islam, in the same room where, six days afterwards, he would be shot and killed.

  • Throughout the 1940s, John L. Lewis agitated for reforms and led several strikes that won enormous gains for coal miners. A mine explosion in Centralia, Illinois, on March 25, 1947, that killed 111 miners led both the House and Senate to hold committee hearings on mine safety, and proved the catalyst to force the government to act to improve mine safety. An excerpt from Lewis' testimony before the House committee is provided here (MP3, 1.3MB).
  • Malcom X at the Audobon Ballroom, Feb 15, 1965 (excerpt) (MP3, 3.18MB)
  • Speech by Willaim Proxmire on WIBA Radio, Madison, WI June 22, 1951, replying the rebuttal to a speech previously done by US Senator Joeseph R. McCarthy on Truman administration foreign policy. At this time Proxmire was a state assemblyman from Dane County. Proxmire later took McCarthy's place in the US Senate in a special election in 1957. From Tape 1195A/13 of the William Proxmire Papers Collection of the Wisconsin Historical Society Archives (MP3, 4.62MB)
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