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Start Date: 4/12/2013
End Date: 4/13/2013
Event Times: Appetizers and programs begin at 6 pm in the Education Center on Spruce Street. Dinners begin at 7 pm in Pendarvis House on Shake Rag Street.

Contact Info

E-mail: pendarvis@

Phone: 608-987-2122
Fax: 608-987-3738

Culinary History Dinner at Pendarvis

In a throwback to its own past as a fine Cornish restaurant operated by Pendarvis founders Edgar Hellum and Bob Neal, Pendarvis will host a pair of exceptional fundraising meals in the same room where Hellum and Neal served guests their mouth-watering meals from 1935 to 1970. Visitors to these memorable dinners will savor two Pendarvis House specialties, Beef Truro and Cornish Pasty, prepared by Chef Charlie Socher of the MP Dining Company in Mineral Point. Preceding the dinner, enjoy wine and appetizers in the Pendarvis Education Center at 212 Spruce Street along with a program by Jim Stroschein drawn from his oral history interviews with Edgar Hellum.

As in the days of Neal and Hellum, advance reservations are required and seating is limited to 20 people each day. Tickets are $100 each and can be purchased in person at de la Pear and Berget's Jewelers in Mineral Point or by calling Pendarvis at 608-987-2122.

Ticket Info: $100 per person (reservations required)

Location Description: Nestled on a rocky, wooded hillside, Pendarvis comprises six historic stone and stone-and-log cottages built by immigrant Cornish miners in the 1830s and '40s during the Wisconsin Territory's lead-mining boom. Nearby Merry Christmas Mine Hill still bears the signs of early mining activity, and a 43-acre restored prairie reveals the unspoiled wilderness found by the first arriving settlers.

Venue: Pendarvis

Address: 114 Shake Rag St

City: Mineral Point

Accessibility Info: Partially handicapped accessible. Reasonable accommodations will be made for individuals requiring a wheelchair for mobility. Call ahead to make arrangements.

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