Spark Special Event

SPARK! - Wisconsin Lumberjacks

Monday, March 13, 2017

2-3:30 pm

EnlargeLumberjacks hauling logs in the snow with several teams of oxen.

Hauling Logs With Oxen, 1880

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About SPARK!

SPARK! is a free program for people experiencing beginning to mid-stage memory loss and their caregivers. SPARK! programs feature interactive exhibit experiences in a welcoming environment. Specially trained museum educators engage participants in lively discussions, object handling, and other multi-sensory activities. SPARK! is also offered at museums across the state and Minnesota, including the Madison Children's Museum and the Wisconsin Veterans Museum.

Advance registration is required for SPARK! programs. Please see panel on right for details on how to sign up for this month's program.

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This Month's Theme - Wisconsin Lumberjacks

Learn about the history of Wisconsin's lumbering industry and the lives of lumberjacks. Participants will view the museum's lumbering exhibit and discuss the work and leisure activities of Wisconsin's early lumberjacks, including the famous Paul Bunyan.

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Next Event in this Series

The next SPARK! program will take place Monday, April 10.



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Four floors of changing exhibit galleries, permanent exhibits and the museum store ― located on Madison's Capitol Square

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The site is fully accessible to visitors requiring a wheelchair for mobility.