History Sandwiched In Lecture

History Sandwiched In: The Wisconsin Home Front During World War I

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

12:15-1 pm

EnlargeLa Follette Cartoon

Anti-La Follette Cartoon

A color cartoon depicting Robert M. La Follette, Sr. as pro-German, showing Kaiser pinning medals on him. View the original source document: WHI 3272

Shortly after the United States entered the European War in April 1917, Wisconsin became known as America’s “Traitor State.” Its large proportion of German citizens, active Socialist party, and anti-war Senator, Robert La Follette, helped create this perception. Some Wisconsinites sought to prove their loyalty and patriotism through sacrifice and hard work; others resorted to vigilantism. Leslie Bellais, Curator of Social History, will discuss the ways a variety of Wisconsin citizens experienced the state’s tension-filled atmosphere during the 18 months America participated in World War I.  

Bring a lunch to this informal lunch-and-lecture series.

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