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Start Date: 10/17/2011
End Date: 10/17/2011
Event Times: 6 pm

Contact Info

E-mail: staff@

Phone: 414-774-8672

Vintage Wisconsin Gardens Book Event in Wauwatosa

Wisconsin Historical Society Press author Lee Somerville, author of "Vintage Wisconsin Gardens: A History of Home Gardening," will sign books at the Kneeland-Walker House.

As Wisconsin's population moved from farmsteads into villages, towns and cities in the 19th and early 20th century, the state saw a growing interest in gardening as a leisure activity and source of civic pride. In Vintage Wisconsin Gardens, Somerville introduces readers to the region's ornamental gardens of the period, showcasing the "vernacular" gardens created by landscaping enthusiasts for their own use and pleasure.

Ticket Info: Free and open to the public

Venue: Kneeland-Walker House

Address: 7406 Hillcrest Dr

City: Wauwatosa

Event Location URL:

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