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Start Date: 1/5/2013
End Date: 1/5/2013
Event Times: 1:30 pm

Contact Info

Phone: 414-423-2136

'Main Street Ready-Made' at Greendale Public Library

"Main Street Ready-Made: The New Deal Community of Greendale, Wisconsin" examines Greendale as an outgrowth of public policy, an experiment in social engineering, and an organic community that eventually evolved to embrace a huge shopping mall, condominiums, and expensive homes while still preserving much of the architecture and ambiance of the original village. A snapshot of 1930s idealism and ingenuity, 'Main Street Ready-Made' makes a significant contribution to the history of cities, suburbs and social planning in mid-20th-century America.

The book's co-author, Arnold Alanen, will be speaking about "Main Street Ready-Made" at the Greendale Public Library. Alanen is emeritus professor of landscape architecture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He served as a founder of "Landscape Journal" and is the recipient of six national research and communications awards from the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Ticket Info: Free and open to the public

Venue: Greendale Public Library

Address: 5647 Broad St

City: Greendale

Event Location URL:

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