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Start Date: 9/29/2013
End Date: 9/29/2013
Event Times: Noon–1 pm

Contact Info

E-mail: pendarvis@

Phone: 608-987-2122
Fax: 608-987-3738

The Cornish Language: Its History and Future

Benjamin Bruch, a world-renowned authority on Celtic studies, will give a special presentation on the Cornish language, its history and its future at Pendarvis, a historic Cornish settlement. The 60-minute presentation is free and open to the public, and attendees will have an opportunity to register for the last in a series of Cornish language classes taught by Bruch, to be held from 2–5 pm following the free lecture.

Ticket Info: Free and open to the public

Location Description: Nestled on a rocky, wooded hillside, Pendarvis comprises six historic stone and stone-and-log cottages built by immigrant Cornish miners in the 1830s and '40s during the Wisconsin Territory's lead-mining boom. Nearby Merry Christmas Mine Hill still bears the signs of early mining activity, and a 43-acre restored prairie reveals the unspoiled wilderness found by the first arriving settlers.

Venue: Pendarvis

Address: 114 Shake Rag St

City: Mineral Point

Accessibility Info: Partially handicapped accessible. Reasonable accommodations will be made for individuals requiring a wheelchair for mobility. Call ahead to make arrangements.

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