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Start Date: 10/4/2014
End Date: 10/4/2014
Event Times: 4–7:30 pm

Contact Info

Phone: 262-248-1888

When Angels Carried Them Away: Death and Mourning in the Victorian Era

Victorians embraced death as a cause for elaborate ritual. During this era (1876-1915) the ritual of death became increasingly sophisticated, and the period saw the development of the modern cemetery, mortuary science and public funerals complete with floral arrangements and hearse transportation for the deceased.

This program will feature a presentation on Victorian funeral and mourning customs, a first-floor house tour, and a narrated lake boat tour on the Lake Geneva Cruise Line that will highlight the locations of maritime mishaps on the lake.

The tour departs from the Riviera boat dock, located at 812 Wrigley Drive in downtown Lake Geneva, each day at 4 pm and returns at approximately 7:30 pm. Tickets are limited to 34 people per date. The next Death and Mourning in the Victorian Era event will take place on October 11.

Ticket Info: $40 per person. To purchase tickets, visit the Lake Geneva Cruise Line's website or call the Lake Geneva Cruise Line at 262-248-6206.

Location Description: Black Point Estate is located on Geneva Lake in southeastern Wisconsin. Visitors travel to the site via boat. Tickets can be booked through Lake Geneva Cruise Line, a private tour company. Boat rides depart from and return to Riviera Docks in downtown Lake Geneva. The entire tour takes approximately three hours. Call the Lake Geneva Cruise Line at 262-248-6206 for more information.

Venue: Black Point Estate

Address: 812 Wrigley Drive (Boat Dock)

City: Lake Geneva

Accessibility Info: Access to Black Point Estate from the boat dock requires navigating 120 steps. Visitors requiring assistance with wheelchair accommodations should call the site at 262-248-1888.

Event Location URL:

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