Dec 2 :: Wisconsin Historical Society Headquarters :: Madison

Check of this year's Christmas list early by shopping at the Wisconsin Historical Society's one-day-only "Friends and Family" sale.

Dec 6 :: Oregon Area Senior Center :: Oregon

Author Susan Apps-Bodilly chronicles life in Wisconsin's early country schools.

Dec 8 :: Heritage Hill :: Green Bay

Author Erika Janik tells the stories of Wisconsin people, places, and events that didn't make it into conventional state histories.

Dec 19 :: McFarlane's Sporting Goods :: Sauk City

Celebrated rural historian Jerry Apps extensively examines Wisconsin agricultural life.

Feb 16 :: Wisconsin Historical Museum :: Madison

Author Kathleen Ernst shares stories from the immigrants who struggled to find their place and identity in Wisconsin.

Apr 19 :: Wisconsin Historical Museum :: Madison

Dr. Richard Carlton Haney shares his personal story of growing up in a household influenced by the events of World War II.

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