May 10 :: Union South, Marquee Theater :: Madison

WHS Press author Patty Loew will be moderating this panel discussion

May 11 :: Matheson Memorial Library :: Elkhorn

Author Richard C. Haney will be discussing his WHS Press book

Author Appearance


May 18 :: DC Everest High School :: Schofield

Author Michael Edmonds will be doing the opening remarks for DCETalks

Author Appearance

Whispers and Shadows Book Talk

May 26 :: Richfield Historical Society :: Richfield

Jerry Apps will be discussing his book "Whispers and Shadows"

Jun 14 :: Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center :: Ashland

Sail through the history of shipping on the Great Lakes with the daughter of a long-time captain.

Jun 16 :: Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center :: Ashland

Explore the Lake Superior fur trade with this dynamic hands-on presentation.

Jun 17 :: Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center :: Ashland

Learn how a husband and wife team saved the greater prairie chicken from extinction.

Jun 17 :: Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center :: Ashland

Join us for a discussion with Great Lakes surfing icon Larry "Longboard" Williams.

Jul 12 :: Wisconsin Historical Museum :: Madison

Hear "Jews in Wisconsin" author Sheila Terman Cohen bring to life the trials, triumphs, and story of settlement of Jewish people in Wisconsin.

Aug 2 :: Wisconsin Historical Museum :: Madison

Author Peter Shrake discusses the changes that swept the Wisconsin frontier in the early to mid-1800s, through the life of Indian Agent John Kinzie.

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