Sep 16 :: Wisconsin Historical Museum :: Madison

Learn about the rich traditions of Wisconsin's cultural landscape.

Sep 23 :: Racine Public Library :: Racine

Bring your lunch and love of America's favorite pastime to this special presentation on Racine's former professional female baseball players.

Sep 24 :: Racine Public Library :: Racine

Learn to mine for history within the pages of old scrapbooks, journals and diaries from UW-Parkside Professor Emeritus Laura Gellott.

Sep 24 :: Racine Public Library :: Racine

Former newspaper editor Ron McCrea, author of "Building Taliesin," will detail the story of Wright's first home and architectural school, Taliesin.

Sep 25 :: Racine Arts Council :: Racine

Photographer Kevin J. Miyazaki will discuss how his photography captured the diversity of people and places he met along the Lake Michigan shore.

Sep 26 :: Racine Public Library :: Racine

Dive into the history hidden beneath the waves of Lake Michigan with underwater archaeologist Tamara Thomsen.

Sep 26 :: Downtown Racine Corporation :: Racine

Visit us at Party on the Pavement all afternoon Saturday for historic kids games, kite decorating, Wisconsin trivia and a chance to win a prize.

Oct 7 :: Wisconsin Historical Museum :: Madison

Learn how understanding our state's linguistic history can help us understand the linguistic present.

Oct 21 :: Wisconsin Historical Museum :: Madison

Learn about the life and lore of French explorer Jean Nicolet.

Oct 28 :: Wisconsin Historical Museum :: Madison

Historian Kim Tschudy tells the story of southern Wisconsin's numerous abandoned "ghost" towns.

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